the mile high club

have you ever played Never Have I Ever back in the day? Well I did...I actually played it the first night I hung out with the bf....its a good way to get to know someone fast....in the past we played it with our fingers and whoever had to keep putting a finger down would have to drink. Some how though the game always ended up with sex questions only....oh the college days. 

so today my favorite blonde Nadine of Back East Blonde, along with Whitney of Keeping up with the Cyberts & Meighan of Heaves to Meighan are hosting a Never Have I Ever linkup - so of course i'm going to play....but I promise to keep it clean

been to europe

held anything slimy - like a lizard, frog, snake....i don't ever plan on it either

stolen anything from anyone or any place

asked a guy out on a date

gotten in a physical fight....unless you count fights with my sis? 

made it into the mile high club.....{yet}

been on a motorcycle....& i never will

dated or hooked up with a friends ex....huge no no girls! 

was prom queen....le sigh

had my eyebrows waxed.....that's all me baby

what have you never done? Are you guilty of any of mine? 

Never Have I Ever

so now moving on to a bad ass b*tch....this girl doesn't hold anything back. She stands up for what she believes in & i love that about her. But besides being a bad ass she is also a wonderful mom & wife. I have really enjoyed getting to know her from Twitter, & then from her blog...she's just a real, down to earth girl & you guys are lucky because she's here today to give you some honest & real blogging advice... So without further ado meet 

webcam power...YEAH!

Hey guys! I am Ashley from Being Ashley: My life unedited

I am so excited to be sponsoring Kelly this month and even more stoked to chat with you guys for a minute! Like I said, I blog over here and it is a pretty big mash up of all facets of my life. I post a lot about my crazy 3 year old, my marriage and just being 23. 

We are currently expecting our second kiddo and things are madness on the home front! Right now we live in FL- home is Indiana. We do things a little crazy in our house, and I would love for you to come check out all the fun! I just started a super new link up for moms of all kinds! It's called Mom's Tip Jar and it is a place for tips & tricks! I am also starting a book swap in April and would love to have you join us! 

Before I go, Kelly asked me to share a few of my blogging tips with you, so I shall!  My favorite thing about blogging thus far is the friends I have made! These girls are some of my closest friends now! I love meeting all these new people from all over the place! 

1) Do you. Just do what feels right. There aren't really rules...if someone tells you there are- they are full of it. Keep it real. Just be yourself! We are all such nosey people, we just want to know who you are and what you are about! :)) 

2) Do not be passive aggressive or "vague" when angry...it gets you nowhere at all. Be a grown up- you are a grown up, just remember "if I cant say this to a person IRL...I probably shouldn't tweet it about them on the web"...  

3) When in doubt- type it out. This is kind of a life thing for me. Sometimes I post the ramblings, sometimes I don't- but your blog is your place to vent and find peace. So don't be afraid to write about what you want when you are upset, or need help etc. 

For more Ashley you can visit me on Twitter, Facebook or even subscribe to my newsletter!

Be sure to stop by & say hello to Ashley! 

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Brittany Michelle said...

Sounds like you and I would get along famously IRL! I have never done most of things on your list, except I have held a frog (huge animal lover) and I wax my brows because if I don't I go full on uni! }:) in case you couldn't tell, that's my attempt at a unibrow emoticon.

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I've held a snake before, and if ended up peeing on me! Gross!!! I've asked guys out before. I've been on a motorcycle, since my hubby rides. I was even going to get my motorcycle license just for shits and giggles. Motorcycles are pretty scary though! One of my friends boyfriend died that way :-(

Rachel said...

People think it's crazy I've never waxed my eyebrows, too! I just pluck a little- I guess we're lucky :)

The Pink Growl said...

I love that you said yet on the mile high club! haha :)

Janna Renee said...

I was never Prom Queen either, we are better than that ;) You would look badass on the back of a motorcycle!

Nikki said...

I wasn't prom queen either.

TheTinyHeart said...

I've never had my eyebrows waxed either...I just pluck them. And motorcycles can be a lot of fun! My hubby rides a Harley. :)

The Tiny Heart

Unknown said...

Love your post. I can't imagine joining the mile high club since I can barely pee in the bathroom, let alone have sex in it. But that's something I wouldn't mind trying, with my husband, of course!!! I'm hosting a link up next thursday April 11. Show me your favorite Spring trend. Hope to see you there.



My-cliffnotes said...

No mile high club for me either, and I've touché a snake with one finger an asshole teacher made me in middle school. Rude

Nadine said...

I have to say, we must be pretty similar because you only got me on two! You can guess which two haha. I will say that I would discourage anyone from getting their eyebrows waxed ever. The first and only time I did it they ripped the skin right off! I had scabs for weeks, it was horrible. Thanks for linking up with us!

Brenda from TotallyBrenda.com said...

i'm so jelly. i wish i didn't have to wax. every time i "decide" not to wax to save money-i lose my tweezers. i am pretty bad at it too. lol. i don't have "shaping" skills. but i do NEED to get them done (i should more often-it's mostly sporadic) because if not i look like frida kahlo.

Jennifer Collver said...

I've held little frogs before cause they are kinda cute but snakes.. NO WAY! They scare the crap out of me haha. Also I too will NEVER be found on a motorcycle. One of my exes had one and I refused to go near it so I was always driving us everywhere haha. I don't know how anyone can feel safe being on one...

Shelley said...

I've never waxed. I just shave/pluck! And I usually would agree with you on the dating your friends ex's except...one of my good friends dated my husband for a couple weeks before I dated him. Long story!

Nicole said...

I was in a sorority in college, and this was definitely one of our go-to game! And yes...it always turned sexual! hahaha

Unknown said...

Minus the stealing (of the items & boyfriends) if I was playing this with shots, I'd be drunk right now...

Oh & prom queen never did that either lol

I'm so excited you tweeted about this link up, I had fun writing the post & now I'm loving seeing everyone else's!!


Maggie said...

I am guilty of a lot of these... whoops :/
But physical fight was on my list also!
I love this game!!

Dinah Gacon said...

Yeah I agree on the no dating your friends ex...that is an unwritten rule!!

I was actually crowned prom queen my senior year, no lie!!!

xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

Jaimie SKS said...

I did one too, it was kind of hard to think of some!! And I linked your blog in mine as well.


Kelly said...

This is amazing - my go-to one is now gone though since I attended my first wedding last December!

Sparkles and Shoes

Whitney Cypert said...

I've never made it to the mile high club {yet! : )}, had my eye brows waxed, or was prom queen. Darn it. I love your list! If you ever get the chance to go to Europe, go! Thank you for linking up with us!

Anonymous said...

A few. You've never been on a bike?! It's glorious!

Anonymous said...

I plan on making it into the mile high club ASAP LOL! I would feel so accomplished!


Unknown said...

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