Society tries to tell us we need to be stick thin, with perfect hair & perfect makeup. Well who the hell died & made society king?! I am so sick & tired of the constant pressures there are to be a girl in today’s world. As if it weren’t already hard enough to be a girl we have society passive aggressively whispering in our ears that we need to be skinner, prettier & better.  Well that needs to stop & that’s why MessyDirtyHair was born. 

I use to be that girl. I would wake up every morning 2 hours before I had to be at school & would shower, dry & straighten my hair stick straight, & then glob on unnecessary makeup. I don’t really know what I was trying to cover up. I did this consistently for years. In college I wasn’t as crazy about it for classes but I’d be damned if I went out to a party or bar that night without being dressed to the nines.

I could not stand the thought of a boy I was dating or even a boyfriend to see me without my makeup on. It was something I never thought I'd ever get over.

And then one day I just stopped.

It started with my hair. I was sick of taking all this extra time to do my hair & for what? It didn’t change me as a person. I was still the same Kelly with or without the straight hair.  So why was I doing it? It just started to seem dumb to me. Who was I trying to impress? If you don't like me for who I am in the inside, the way I look on the outside isn't going to change that.

So I stopped doing it. I started embracing my curly, wavy beast of a hair. At first I didn’t like it. I thought my face looked fatter with my wavy hair. It was a struggle, until one day I didn’t care anymore. I stopped doing my hair. I started washing it a lot less & let it air dry. That was the first step.


 From there I stopped wearing makeup every day. I just didn’t see the point in wasting all this time in front of the mirror trying to look perfect & for what?  Now don’t get me wrong, there are times I do like to get dressed up & put on makeup, but it isn’t something I feel I am required to do every morning.

Yes, that’s the word required. It was almost like I use to feel required to do all that stuff because if I didn’t someone would think I looked weird or say “Are you tired?” I'm sure you’ve heard that before. It’s the nice way to say you look like shit.

Well I don’t really care what society says. I am sick of conforming to the pressures of being perfect. Because you know what I realized, no matter how hard I try & no matter how much I spend I will never ever be perfect. No one will.

So today, at age 28 I can finally say & say it with pride that I have no problem going out in public without my hair done or any makeup on. It’s become a way of life for me now - embracing the mess. It’s very rewarding to not care about what I look like and still feel 100% comfortable & secure with myself to go out in public.

Which brings me to 'embrace the mess'.

you have heard me say it, write it, hash tag it everywhere. It truly wraps up everything I just wrote above in 3 simple words. So you can imagine how excited I was when I was contacted by WhoopTee to design my own custom T-shirt for MessyDirtyHair. 

I was really excited to try the design tool that WhoopTee to design my custom t-shirt. To my surprise it was so easy to use. You pick the color, font, style, picture, clip art...anything! You can design it anyway you like to make your t-shirt the perfect tee.

SO of course I wanted to make one with my moto - what do you guys think?

ah i love it! It turned out exactly how I designed it. Of course I wanted a black tee...i live in black. Let's just say this tee has already gotten a lot of wear. 

SO I know a lot of you love embracing the mess as much as me....& i lala LOVE you guys for it. Nothing makes me happier than getting a message or tweet from someone embracing the mess --- you girls know who you are....i even have a challenge every so often because I feel that strongly about it. 

SO because WhoopTee is aaamazing they are giving you messy readers the chance to win one of my custom t-shirts....& even better there will be 3 winners!! 

Check out WhoopTee & design your own custom t-shirt ---->>>


a Rafflecopter giveaway

With all that said & done, I have hopes of inspiring you & the generations to come that we don’t need to strive to be perfect. That it’s ok if your hair isn't sitting perfectly on your head today or if there's a small stain on your jeans, or a button is out of place. Or you left the house with a bare face. It’s okay. 

Be the REAL version of you. 

Stay true to yourself. 

Join the movement

Embrace the Mess.

PS. This Thursday starts the 1 Year Celebrations for #TheMessyProject so be sure to check back for a special TORY BURCH edition....& coming up in a few weeks is the 1 Year Celebration for #TheMessyProject featuring past messy participants...its going to be fabulous! 

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The High Heeled Brunette said...

Your tee is so cute! LOVE IT,,

Jennifer said...

Great post. I think around that age, we all start hating having to do hair and makeup everyday. I think it may have been younger for me because of work and having to wake up and travel with no time.

I love that tee. Great idea!

Megan Wadsworth said...

I am IN LOVE with this post... I've started a similar transition lately with natural, air dried hair and minimal makeup. It's just so refreshing! Hopefully girls far and wide get a chance to read this.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the shirt and love the meaning behind it even more!

Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

I couldn't agree more! I think acceptance of yourself naturally progresses the older you get. High School is mean. You feel pressure to be "popular" then as you get older you realize all that stuff was such BS. I have never been big on make up. I wear it even less then I used to and I think it's the best feeling to feel good enough in your skin that you don't feel you have to. Cute shirts!

Janna Renee said...

I want a shirt with "Perception Is Everything" on it!

Dinah Gacon said...

You are amazing!! I cannot wait to participate in the upcoming Messy Project again, so fun!!

Love you,
Dinah xoxo

Anonymous said...

I LOVED this!!! I love that you openly talk about the TRUTH behind why most people feel the need to dress up or wear makeup all the time...I want my hair to get long again so I don't have to do it anymore!!!

Raquel said...

Looove the shirt!!

Ashley said...

Ive done this design and giveaway with WhoopTee before, but would love a new one with "Sweat is Fat Crying" on it!

Ginny Williams said...

This is such an awesoem girl power message. I am 28 also and have recently embraced the mess. Having a fiance who is very kind and carring has allowed me to just be natural and real. I have HUGE bags under my eyes (i'm very self conscious about), and I mean HORRIBLE. Thank God for concealer. But I just don't care and often go into public wihtout makeup. I don't get the attention I do with make-up but that is okay. I don't want attention. I just want to not be required to look perfect 24/7. I don't have ENERGY for it. I think that a lot of girls i know are also embracing the mess because it's not practical for our everyday lives to be dressed to the nines. I think it makes those times that we DO dress to the nines, even more special and stunning :)


The Pink Growl said...

Mrs. Luke Bryan??? haha I LOOOOOVE this and I want it!

Lily said...

Such a great post! I hate that I keep thinking that I need to be skinnier. it's sickening and annoying. I LOVE MYSELF! My messy, dirty, hair (which by the way I think I'm on like day 3 or 4 of no washing) is wonderful! I just braid it. And I don't feel pressure to always have makeup on. I must say that your blog is a big part of the reason I've embraced myself and my hair so much more! XOXOXOXOXOXO

Lily said...

oh and I would probably write on my t-shirt: I'm set free :)


More than in love with this post! I am so honored to be apart of the Messy Dirty Hair movement this month! I just hope to inspire my nieces to understand exactly what you just wrote! <3, Mrs. P

miyoko01 said...

If I designed a tee I would have the word "Breathe" in cursive handwriting...I have to constantly remind myself to "breathe" daily.

Lily Anne said...

My shirt would have Pink Sparkly writing on a Gray background with the words, Don't Sweat The SmallStuff!"
It would be in some kind of fancy, but legible writing.
Love, love your Blog <3

Tausha Wierlo said...

I would LOVE to make a T-Shirt that just said Taush.O on it - because I'm copying the comedian, I think it would generate conversation and get some people to my blog (which I am trying to grow!!!)

Kelly said...

This story is my favorite and I love your shirt. I think I am going to design one for my bloggy birthday next month!

Sparkles and Shoes

Sarah said...

I'd get a Workout shirt that says " Feel sore tomorrow or sorry tomorrow , You choose. " :) God bless!

Meghan said...

It would be some sort of song lyrics I'm sure. Black with like lime green or bright pink writing :D


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