new is always better

i can't believe its September....& of course we are having a major heat wave right now & its just deathly. Even being at the beach is deadly, its just too hot. But I still managed to get some beach time in with my favorite kids. 

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! This is one of my first Labor Day weekends being single in over 6 years...crazy right?! It was a blast though! We day partied down by the beach in newport....& we even rallied and made it out that night! It was hot as hell. Here's how my labor day went according to my iphone ---

i haven't had jello shots in forever...they're my favorite!

party host 

5'3 ---> 6'6 - im a shorty

the girls...dying of sweat

Drinks at Stacy's beach house 

crazy big drinks at Mutts

these are our 'its way to hot to look cute' faces

there's basically a whole bottle of champagne in this glass....

round 2...later that night 

love it when boys buy us free drinks. lemon drops are my favorite! 

cool sign at American Junkie 


gourmet veggie pizza has become my new favorite hangover cure

It was such a great weekend filled with lots of laughs, dance parties & heart to hearts with some fabulous girls! What did you all do over the weekend? 

& I want to leave you with this quote I saw today....new is always better...embrace change!

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Anonymous said...

I'm learning to love the single life too... love your pics! Glad things are going well on your end! xoxo

Kathrin@shopschoolsleep said...

how fun!! never been to Mutt's or American Junkie, but then again I stopped partying in Newport because I'm old!! hahahha!!

Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

I could so use one of y'alls crazy big drink right now.

My first day back at work in 5 days.



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