The Kookiest Trends in Fashion

The world of fashion is built upon trends. The largest fashion houses dictate the trends that will appear on the high street two seasons in advance. What you see on the catwalk in the Fall of this year will appear on the high street in 2020. Of course, they won’t appear in the same concept fashion style as on the catwalk, with the foil collars, the all in one fluorescent boiler suits and skirts for men. Catwalk shows are all about pushing the boundaries, yet the high street retailers will take their cues from the larger designers. Take a look at the kookiest fashion trends in history.

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Low Pants

In the 90s, someone thought it wise to wear their Levis two sizes too big so that their legs appeared clown pant like and their waist allowed their pants to sag even with a belt. There was some sort of kudos in allowing designer boxer shorts to shine through from your behind. This odd fashion trend began in American prisons apparently, as convicts were not allowed to wear belts because of the risk of suicide. However, this could be nothing more than an urban legend. However, this trend has been embraced by the American rap and hip hop scene, with music videos showing many artistes with their hordes of girls surrounding them as they rap in their lowest rise pants with their Calvin Kleins poking through.

Body Piercings

When you think about body piercings in a practical sense, the idea of putting holes in your skin, ears, and other less visible parts of you can seem abhorrent. Yet, body art has become massively popular, especially since the dawn of the twenty first century. What was once seen as standard to have your ears pierced to show off a stunning pair of earrings on a night out, has turned into a way of life for some people. Many people are now choosing to use their bodies as works of art, and they see body piercing as the number one way of doing this. It's not super expensive either. You can pick up cheap nose rings online that look achingly cool, from a rainbow steel hoop to a titanium nose screw. While these piercings sound painful, once they are healed, they can look stunningly beautiful.

Celebrities have chosen to pierce their bodies and relish being part of the body art scene. Millennials are often adorning magazines with nose studs, eyebrow hoops and tongue piercings. For many, this isn’t just a fashion statement, but also a lifestyle and a way to show off their personality.

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The Cone Bra

Who can forget Madonna wearing a cone bra in the 1980s. For Madonna, she had to exude her sexuality and what better way to do this than by wearing her bra over her clothes? What was then seen as risque is now seen as hugely kooky. However, Madonna wasn't the trendsetter when it came to cone shaped bras. These were first introduced into the fashion world in the 1940s, although the ladies that wore them over seventy years ago wore them underneath their clothes. This gave them a pert, sweater girl look; wholesome and natural but exuding a femininity without showing off too much of their modesty. The cone shaped look was hugely fashionable for two decades, but the more natural look became more popular in the 1960s, so the cone bra was put to the back of the wardrobe until Madonna decided to reinvent it.

Shell Suits

The shell suit was once deemed the height of casual fashion. We look back on this 1980s monstrosity now, and know that this is one fashion trend that will never see the light of day again. The shell suit was an oversized tracksuit that had a shimmery external layer that was highly flammable. The shell suits weren’t safe and were dangerous for kids to wear, and yet they were all the rage. Kids TV presenters would wear them, people down the gym would show off their collection of shell suit jackets when working out on the treadmill, and paired with some cool trainers, people were pulling off the ultimate 1980s sports casual attire.

This was a fashion trend that was a real flash in the pan. When people remember their foray into the world of shell suits, it’s a time that they would prefer to forget. They have been banished to the fashion faux pas history books forever.

Fashion trends come and go, with many coming back around and some staying firmly in the past. Kooky can be cool but it can also be cringeworthy. Who knows what kooky fashion trends lie in wait for the 2020 fashion season.


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