Totes Awks? Buying for that Teenage Niece


Everybody has a morning routine. When you are going through your morning routine that you fine-tuned, choosing the right clothes and making your look just right; think about how long have you been doing this for? No doubt it was something you started when you were a teenager because there was an abundance of acne, and you just felt fat in everything ha ha am I right? However, what do you do when it comes to buying the perfect birthday present for a fashion-wise teenage niece? Or what if you're trying to buy for a friend's child? We spend years perfecting our look, but once we start to get into the minefield that is buying for a teenager we can feel in over our heads; how can we buy a perfect fashion-oriented gift for a teenager?

Don't Think About What You Want
Yes, you were a teenager not so long ago, but tastes change! Instead, try to get the right information from the parent, but beware, this can also yield the wrong results. Sometimes you've got to go for some inspiration. Look at their fashion choices, and try to complement what they've already got. There are websites like Top Family Stocks that provide premium fashion clothing for every member of the family. So at the very least, you can find something for a specific age range. 

Get To Pinterest
It's all about looking for contemporary fashions; but also think about the type of person they are. If it's your niece, you think that you know them to an extent, but a teenager, as you very well know, can change their style with the sequence of the moon. So, think about what they've already got, complimenting it, and also get inspiration to expand their wardrobe. The right Pinterest board works wonders. And if they’ve got their own Pinterest board, it's a quick and easy option. The great thing is, everybody advertises their wants and needs and social media. Get stalking; it might be the only way that you get a clue! 

Don't Necessarily Think "Fashion"
You might want to go for something that makes a big impact or is very stylish, but it's always about thinking outside of the box. Look at the home comforts; perhaps a dressing gown or something similar will be useful? Or think about their make-up. Maybe they don't have decent products? So think about something like a MAC kit or another high-end brand. We can find ourselves in over our heads as far as fashion choices are concerned, so maybe we need to shun this entirely?

Dare You Ask Them?
When we remember back to being a teenager, we had very particular choices. So instead, rather than the element of surprise, go and ask them! If there is something that you wanted for a long time but it's too expensive, you can be the savior. Asking them what they want is is a perfect way to bypass all the stress. Sometimes buying for someone else is one of those difficult things, especially when it comes to fashion. So sometimes we just need to avoid the element of surprise.

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