Healthcare Careers That You Didn't Previously Consider

So you want to work in healthcare but you don't know specifically which career? Fear not, you don’t have to keep searching in Google and hoping to find a career you can fall in love with, because we have you covered. Rather than give you a laundry list of things that are perhaps generic and common, we will expose you to new career options that you haven't thought of yourself. Some of them will be peculiar and perhaps not that attractive to you, but at least you will know they exist so you have a measuring stick for the other careers you might like instead. The healthcare industry is very versatile so don’t worry, you can transfer skills to many similar careers.


A masters in nursing

Nursing is very popular but did you know that there are different types of nurses? Not all nurses are purely certified, some of them work as operating nurses, management nurses and others as masters of nursing. Take a look at this school where they have one of the most prestigious nursing courses in the country. It will all you to be any kind of nurse you want, from a family nurse, nurse educator, nurse practitioner, etc. the course will cover all the basics, the advanced and the really adept. Nursing is a profession that is more than just caring for patients at their bedside, it involves administering medicines, monitoring, therapy and managing their long term healthcare too. Nursing can be a way to get into a working environment such as a hospital, but also, working in private homes and areas like the military.

Healthcare equipment sales

Did you know that a large part of the economy is importing and exporting healthcare equipment? Everything from stethoscopes, heart monitors, IV drips, hospital beds to scalpels, and operating rooms, are all manufactured, sold, and bought among nations of the world. If you would like to be at the cutting edge of healthcare equipment, you should work in sales. It's a great way to learn the industry, the things that people want and are more concerned about but also, work with hospitals, private care homes, dentistries, military bases, aid companies, charities, etc. healthcare equipment sales is an area which many people find interesting because it involves helping people, saving lives but also, competing with companies. So those that love the competition and helping people, will love this career.

Aid volunteer

Healthcare isn’t about industries and careers all the time. Sometimes it's about being at the right place and the right time. Being an aid volunteer gives you the chance to travel, but also, be on the ground, helping nurses, doctors, militaries, and authorities like the UN to help those in need. When a natural disaster hits in Africa, when there is a war, or when there is an incident that involves mass displacement of peoples, aid workers are always at the frontline helping those in dire circumstances

Take a look at these career options, investigate which ones you would fit the most, and explore your options for how to begin your new journey. Good luck! 

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