The Ultimate Haircare Guide for Men


When it comes to hair care, women definitely take the cup for dedication to their hair. Men don't seem to put as much effort into caring for their hair; as long as it is clean and dry, they are good to go.

But despite this notion, men still need hair care to prevent hair loss and maintain a healthy and clean scalp. Fortunately, caring for your hair need not be demanding or time-intensive. As long as you observe a few hair care guidelines, you are good to go. 

If you are a man curious to know how to maintain your hair, read on to find out healthy haircare habits you can adapt.

Avoid Shampooing More Often

You might be wondering how often should you wash your hair. Most men shampoo their hair every single time they bathe, which is unnecessary. Shampoos are notorious for getting natural oils from your hair, leaving it weak and without the necessary nutrition.

Although showering daily is vital, rinsing your hair with water will prove more helpful than shampooing all the time. Most hair experts suggest that shampooing your hair twice or thrice a week is enough to prevent issues you can experience with hair.

Use Sulfate-Free Products

The problem with low-end hair products is that they contain sulfates, like sodium lauryl sulfate. These ingredients make the shampoo produce more foam.

Sulfates remove natural oils from your hair, leaving it brittle and dry. This makes your hair susceptible to breakage. Therefore, it would help if you opted for sulfate-free shampoos that will cleanse and strengthen your hair.

If you find it hard to get sulfate-free shampoos, ask your barber or hairstylist for suggestions. They know your hair best and will recommend the ideal products for it. 

Use Hair Conditioners

Hair conditioners are typically designed to soothe, protect and moisturize your hair. Conditioners also relax the hair cuticles, thus stimulating faster hair growth.

Conditioners work best for men with curly hair because they will tone the curls and make the hair look its best.

To condition your hair correctly, rinse it with tepid water and apply a generous amount of the product daily. Rub and spread it evenly, wait for a minute, and then rinse your hair. If it is a leave-in conditioner, there is no need to rinse the product off.


Use A Lukewarm shower

Most people worldwide enjoy showering with piping hot water. However, hot water will take away natural oils from your hair, making it prone to split ends and fizziness. 

You may think that cold showers are a better option, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

If you wash your hair with cold water, your scalp capillaries will constrict, tampering with the blood flow in your scalp. Your hair will have inadequate nutrients, which will stunt its growth. 

The best water temperature for your hair is mildly warm water. It does not damage your scalp and does not dry your hair. It is ideal for stimulating hair growth while getting rid of any dirt on your scalp.

Towel Off Gently

Many people dry their hair after a shower by aggressively scrubbing the towel on their heads. But aggressive toweling causes untold hair breakage, and it might be the culprit behind inexplicable hair damage. 

It is better to towel off gently because your hair is more vulnerable when wet. Use a soft towel and follow the direction that your hair grows. This will prevent hair breakage, and you'll have improved hair growth.

Don’t Forget Your Facial Hair

Whether you’re looking to do something creative with your facial hair, simply grow a little stubble, or go for the clean-shaven look, it’s important to go about it in the right way. Finding the right products and coming up with a skincare and facial hair care strategy that works for you is vital. Look for a good shaving cream and the grooming tools that’ll serve you best.


Treating your hair right is not as difficult as you might imagine. A little dedication and care is all you need to improve your hair. 

Armed with the above five guidelines, you'll not only have healthier hair, but you will also have an easier time grooming it. Ultimately, you will appreciate your looks more by doing this.

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