4 Gift Ideas To Show You're Serious


Buying presents for your partner is always a tricky thing to balance. When you first start dating, you want to be thoughtful and romantic without going over the top. Then there’s that part in the middle, where you’re getting more serious as a couple but aren’t ready to make it official of talk about marriage and kids.

So when it comes time to buy a birthday present or valentines surprise, we have some ideas that will fit the bill.


You usually can’t go wrong with jewelry as a gift. But it takes a little more thought than just throwing money at the most expensive-looking piece you can find. Put a little thought into it. Do they always wear silver or white gold? That might be because they don’t like the look of the yellow gold. So if you buy them this then it will probably languish in a jewelry box forever.

Go for something thoughtful like a birthstone or a Claddagh Irish ring, which symbolizes love and commitment.

A trip away

Booking a trip away for a future date is a great way of showing that you are planning for the future. Its a significant gift both in terms of cost and commitment. Whether it’s a romantic weekend away or a full blown vacation, going away for the first time as a couple is a big deal.
Something that recalls how you met

Every couple has a story about how they met, either through work, a dating site, friends. It’s unique to you. Try and thinking of a gift that represents this. Now, we’re not suggesting you go on a date to the office, but think about what was happening when you met, the first date you went on or the first movie you saw together.

Reminiscing like this shows that not only do you remember these details, but that they mean something to you.

A gift that matches their interests

Sometimes when it comes to gifts, many of us can panic a little and go for something a little generic, knowing that it will be a safe bet. When it comes to your partner, why not buy something that shoes that you know them. Think about what they’re interested in, what their hobbies are and anything they’ve mentioned before. It could be tickets to see a band they’ve always wanted to watch, or lessons to play and instrument they’ve mentioned wanting to learn. These types of gifts aren’t about how much you spend, their value comes from the thought you put into them, which is much better.
Final thoughts

Buying gifts for a partner can feel like a very stressful decision for a lot of people. Some people are extremely difficult to buy for and some people just aren’t very creative when it comes to buying presents. When you’re at the stage in your relationship where you want them to know that you’re committed, then occasions where presents are needed can be the perfect opportunity to show this.

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