It's Official - Duvet Days Are Great For Us

It's no secret the world is a busy place; there is so much we need to do every day, and then add on the things we want to do. Is it any surprise that we want to grab our fluffiest socks, best jogging bottoms and relax with a duvet on the couch once in a while and do nothing? Days that we do very little can give us some much needed time to think about what we have going on or to switch off from work. They have many purposes. 


What is a duvet day?
    It might sound obvious; a duvet day is a day that someone will spend wrapped in a duvet and not much else. But it can be used as an umbrella term for a day that involves some peace and calm from sitting in a comfy spot for most of the day.

You don’t always need a duvet; instead, you can grab a blanket, a bathrobe (or dressing gown), or just a cozy jumper. So long as you are warm and comfortable, that is all there is to it. Like most things that involve some relaxation, a duvet day comes with a lot of benefits for us.

Energy levels
    The more energy you use, the more energy you have. So, the more active you are, the more active you can be.

But energy doesn’t just refer to our physical energy. It can also refer to the amount of get-up-and-go we have available for other areas of our life. Finding the energy can be just as much about finding the motivation to do something as it is actual physical energy levels.

When we rest correctly, we physically, mentally, and emotional rest and that rest can leave us feeling a renewed sense of purpose and life.

If you regularly workout, then it is just one consideration; read more: Why Your Workout Tends To Fail.

    Stress and burnout are very real, and it is essential that we spot the signs and take some action to prevent them. It isn’t just people who work in high-powered roles that can suffer from burnout; it can happen to anyone. Busy lifestyles, which most of us lead in modern times, rarely allow us to step back and relax. Sometimes we have to take it.

During the duvet day, it’s more important to check what to watch or stream this year than it is to check your phone and what’s going on in the world. Use it as a chance to really disconnect - especially from the work emails you might be tempted to check!

    We spend so long looking after other people that sometimes we need to take a step back and look after ourselves. Wrapped in something that we find comfort in can be a way that we take care of our own needs.

The saying goes that you can’t pour from an empty cup, and that is true.

So to fill your own cup up, it is important to take time out. During a duvet day, since you are cozy and warm, you might find that you nap a few times or sit in silence for a while. These are all great things, those naps are much needed, and silence can feel like the most luxurious thing in the world when you are always busy.

    If you work in an area that requires high productivity rates or you run a business or freelance - you can’t afford to let productivity slide.

It can be tempting to say since you need to be 100% productive, you don’t have time to have a duvet day - but the opposite is true. Having a day of rest, specifically stepping away from work, can give your brain the room to create some interesting links.

It’s similar to how we have some of the best ideas while walking or in the shower. Our brains often work on problems when we aren’t actively looking at them. To tackle your work with the highest amount of productivity, you need to rest your brain once in a while.

Immune system
    It is no surprise that a well-rested body can handle coughs and colds better. Considering that the moment we begin to feel unwell, we are told to rest and drink plenty of fluids.

Stress and anxiety negatively impact our immune systems because stress releases cortisol, which lowers our resistance. Reliving and relieving stress by having a day of complete relaxation can help improve your immune system

So the real question is -
when is your next duvet day?


*Collaborative Post

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