3 Hair Care Tips for Travelers


If you love traveling around, then you should know that you need to still keep up a fairly effective routine for your hair and skin. Just because you’re on vacation means that the responsibilities for taking care of yourself end. It thankfully doesn’t need to be difficult at all to manage a hair care routine while you’re traveling. More than likely, you’ll be able to follow your regular routine without any potential problems.

However, this could vary on several factors such as how long you’re gone for traveling, your mode of transportation, and even the weather. In general, most types of hair textures will benefit from having a routine and even following the routine while away from home. So these are some helpful tips for keeping a nice grooming routine while you’re on the go.
Buy a silk or satin pillowcase

The fabric used at hotels and other accommodations isn’t necessarily the best. Unless you’re staying at a 5-star hotel, don’t put your hopes on the quality of fabrics. With that said, you’ll want to protect your hair and even your skin. Bringing a silk or satin pillowcase but also wearing a silk or satin nightcap can help a lot.

Soft fabrics such as silk and satin are excellent for preventing frizziness in the hair. Regular cotton pillowcases and fabric can suck out moisture which also causes friction with the skin and hair. So packing a pillowcase and even a nightcap can do your hair a lot of good. Just keep in mind that silk and satin are fabrics that do require a bit of extra care than regular fabric. So it’s best to look into the proper instructions on how to clean these textiles.
Avoid over washing

This is something as you know I stand by and have since the beginning of MessyDirtyHair. I always try to go as long as I can without washing my hair. Embrace the mess, remember? Over washing your hair is a constant mistake that many tend to make. While you don’t want to under wash since that’s bad for your hair, over-washing can be just as harmful. This is one of the challenges for many, and it’s understandable. It can be hard trying to find that sweet spot on what’s best for your hair and scalp. Washing too much will strip the natural oils that are in the hair.

This is going to make your hair feel so dried out. If you can, try to wash your hair at the very maximum of three times a week, but it’s better to do it twice a week. You’ll also want to be careful with using dry shampoo because too much of that can be bad for your hair as well. Keep in mind that if you do end up having to wash your hair, you should have the right hair care products along with you. One way to avoid frizz and create a smooth and silky look is to use a reputable hair dryer. This particular product can make all the difference in how your hair turns out and looks each day, especially when traveling.

Don’t be afraid to try out local hair care tips

One of the beauties of getting to travel is having the chance to learn and grow more. Beauty varies depending on where you are, and this even includes beauty tips. Don’t be afraid to try out and even embrace hair care tips from the countries or regions you’re visiting. It may even be a fun opportunity to visit a hair salon and get yourself a new hairstyle. These sorts of things are one of the best souvenirs that you can give yourself while traveling.

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