3 Ways to Find a Career You Love


If you want to be blissfully happy in life, then finding a career that you truly love is a good place to start. After all, most of us will spend a huge chunk of our daily lives working, and if we hate what we do, it will be difficult for us to find optimum levels of happiness in life.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at what you can do to find a career you love and never have to truly work a day in your life again.

1. Examine your likes and dislikes

If you want to find a career you truly love then you need to work out what exactly it is that lights up your life right now, and what tasks you do not particularly enjoy. For example. If you love being physically active, but you hate sitting behind a desk all day, then getting your yoga certification online - ASFA could enable you to lead a more active life than you are right now by running your own business, or if you love animals, but do not enjoy engaging with people, you could become a dog walker and live your bliss. Sit down, make a list of likes and dislikes and then you can use that criterion to find some possible career paths to explore further.

2. Look at your skillset

Of course, you are unlikely to be happy in a job that you are not qualified for because you will find it difficult to keep up. So, it is important to also make a list of the skills you currently have, which you can then cross-reference with the careers you have identified by doing the above. Of course, it is always possible to learn new skills, so if you are truly passionate about a particular job, but you don’t currently have the ability to do it well, do not rule it out if you think you could obtain the relevant qualifications eventually.

3. Try it out for size

Sometimes, we think we will enjoy a particular job without having any real knowledge of what it entails. For example, many people dream of being veterinarians because they want to help animals. But they do not think about the large requirement to put sick animals to sleep that they may find difficult to deal with. That’s why, if it is at all possible before you make a career move, you should volunteer or try to gain some experience by any means possible, so you can evaluate whether it truly is likely to be a career you love or not. It is better to be safe than sorry when you are thinking about making drastic changes to your working life, and this is probably the best way to get a real idea of what it would be like.

Doing what you love in life is one of the greatest privileges there is, and if you are determined to do so, there is no reason why working a job you love cannot become your reality, so what are you waiting for?

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