Turning Your Fandom Into Your Fashion

Want to show off your love of your favorite bits of nerd culture, without having to go all out into a cosplay of them? There’s always room for a little fandom in your fashion, and there are plenty of ways to do it while still staying fashionable, as well. Here, we’ll look at a few tips you can follow to represent your latest loves with your look better.

See what merch is out there

There are plenty of clothing collections out there for the nerd who’s looking to scale back just how obvious their look is, thankfully. With nerd culture becoming more and more accepted, more franchises and IPs are getting transformed into fashion, so it’s a lot easier to incorporate them into your look. Instead of feeling bad about your passions, you can much more easily incorporate them into your look However, these collections are often limited so you need to act on them when you see them.

Make better use of the graphic tee

One aspect of fandom fashion that’s very widespread is the fashion tee. Almost everyone who’s into nerdy stuff has at least a couple of tees with their favorite logos, characters, or nerdy culture designs on them. They’re a little blatant in their fandom but they can be made stylish by looking at some of the various ways to style your graphic tees. You can better make them fit all kinds of occasions.

Turn them into your accessories

Do you have collector items or figurines that are taking up space on your shelves or drawers? You might like them where they are well enough but, if they’re on the smaller end, have you ever considered turning them into a charm for a charm necklace? All you need is a chain and some keyring metal hoops to connect your collector items. You can easily turn them into an accessory to wear every day.

Like cosplay but not quite

Is there a character whose aesthetic you like? Perhaps you can make your look a little closer to theirs but without having to go full cosplay with it. Getting into the stealth cosplay style, you can invest in what might seem like a low-effort cosplay or a half-cosplay, choosing items that are close to the look of the character, but with everyday clothing that’s a lot easier to wear and without any of the crafting or alterations necessary to make it a full costume.

Wear it with confidence

If you’re like a lot of fledging nerds who are starting to accept their loves and passions, then taking a new step like being outwardly showy with your fandom can be a little intimidating. However, all it takes is a little confidence. A big part of rocking what you wear is being able to give off the impression that you’re confident while wearing it, so a little practice can help.

The tips above can help you make your look a little nerdier without having to go to the whole length of dressing up as characters from your favorite shows, movies, comics, and games.

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