How To Avoid Dry and Irritable Skin During The Cooler Months

It’s a part and parcel of this cold weather - dry and irritable skin. It’s very much true that a number of factors impact the health of our skin and that includes the weather. The weather, especially during the cooler months of the year can dry out our skin and without proper care, skin can become damaged.

As one of the largest organs that’s exposed to the elements, anything that you can do to help avoid dry skin and irritability on the skin during this time of year is a must. Here are some helpful tips that you can utilize for this time of year. 


Keep the skin moisturized daily

When it comes to the skin, it’s important to focus on moisture. Your skin needs moisture because it’s made up of mostly water. If you’re adding more moisture to your skin through skincare, then it’s going to help greatly.

You want to ensure that the skin is moisturized daily. This is important because it helps ensure everything stays gloriously hydrated. From your elbows to the bottom of your feet, every inch of your skin should receive some form of moisturizer. A good way to get this into a routine is to do it straight after a shower or bath. 

If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy applying cold lotions to their skin, bring the bottle of moisturizer into the shower or bath with you to warm up before applying.

Identify any ingredients that are too abrasive for your skin

Everyone’s skin is different, especially when it comes to sensitivity. Some are extremely sensitive to certain skincare products and others have skin that’s hard to irritate.

Whether it’s eczema or dry skin you’re tackling, it’s useful to know what abrasiveness your skin can take before it irritates it. For some, a light scrub with natural ingredients may be needed. For others, a harsher abrasive material might be needed. 

For example, a sea salt scrub may not appeal to everyone’s skin, however, it might be one you can use on your body easily but not on your face.

Don’t forget to sunscreen

Sunscreen is a big one and it’s something you want to be mindful of all year round, and not just during the sunny months of the year.

Try to incorporate sunscreen into your daily routine and make sure to cover all the areas in sunscreen that are going to be exposed. Going out without tights on? Well, that’s brave in cooler weather but if that’s the case, make sure you apply some sunscreen before going out.

For sunscreen on a daily basis, it’s worth mixing it in with your daily moisturizer and if possible, finding a moisturizer that already has an SPF in it. Ideally, for your face, you want an SPF of 30 or above. This will help provide the ample coverage you need to protect your skin.

Use a day cream and night cream

To help keep your skin moisturized through the day, it’s worth investing in both a day and night cream. These types of creams are perfect when you’re wanting something quick and effective within your skincare routine. While not everyone has the time to dedicate themselves to several skincare products every day and night, a day and night cream is the bare minimum.

Something that is easy to apply and get on before running out the door, to hitting the hay at night. 


Have a humidifier in the home

When you’re struggling with your skin, it may well be the home environment that’s causing problems. Dry air can cause the skin to dry out, so the use of a humidifier can be a great way to help resolve dry skin issues.

A humidifier is something that not everyone thinks about using when it comes to dry skin problems. They’re cheap enough to buy and if you’re able to, having one in almost every room is going to directly benefit your skin. If you can only fork out one humidifier, then it’s worth just getting one for the bedroom.

Try not to make your showers or baths too hot

When it comes to dry skin and irritations, making your showers or baths too hot might be causing the problem. It’s worth being aware of the temperature you’ve got your bath or shower set to. This will help reduce the damage you’re causing to your skin by making it too hot.

Try to take lukewarm showers and baths where possible. If you’re feeling brave, then a cold shower or bath can be great for the skin and is done often for those who want to improve their health and well-being - particularly ice baths.

Drink plenty of water

To hydrate the skin, it’s good to focus on how much water you’re drinking each day. Ideally, you want to be consuming around a liter and a half per day. That sounds like a lot, but our bodies are made up of mostly water so it needs plenty to stay hydrated.

The more water you can drink, even if it’s only an extra cup or two, the bigger the difference you’ll see in your skin. Of course, having a lot of water will send you to the bathroom more but you’ll feel better for it when you notice that hydrated, plump, and glowy skin looking back at you.

Experiment with other skincare products

When it comes to skincare, it’s always worthwhile to try out different skincare products. The industry itself is massive and there are a whole host of products out there that are worth experimenting with. Over time, you’re likely to find the products that bring you joy and work wonders for your skin.

You may not have time for the seven steps in a skincare routine but even just having one or two products that you use on the skin, makes all the difference.

To help avoid dry or irritable skin, use these tips to help bring back the skin you love to be in and see a clearer skin appearance coming your way for 2023.

*Collaborative Post

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