5 Food Cupboard Essentials You Need To Keep In


How often have you looked in your cupboard and realized you have nothing to eat? When it comes to a well-stocked cupboard, you want to make sure you have some bare essentials in it to ensure that you are unable to make it to the store; you have items you can put together to make yourself a delicious meal.


Eggs should be a staple item in every household. Not only are eggs low in unsaturated fat, but they are also a great source of protein. Add to this their flexibility; you can be sure to make yourself a great meal using eggs as your base. From scrambled eggs to omelets, or these delightful deviled eggs from lecremedelacrumb.com; eggs are perfectly versatile and can be an easy meal.

Beans and Pulses

Beans and pulses are a healthy staple for your kitchen cupboards and can provide you with a range of meal ideas, including whipping up casseroles and chili with other ingredients you need to use. Not only this, they are ideal for bulking out meals to make them go further, and they're packed with vitamins and minerals in clustering E, K, B1, and B6, along with manganese, magnesium, zinc, iron, and folate, to name a few, so you can be guaranteed you are getting a healthy, filling nutritious meal.

Canned Goods

Canned goods can be great ingredients in a pinch or for making healthy meals for the family; Not only can canned food last for a long time; but in the case of fruit and vegetables, they can be an excellent substitute for fresh if you don't have anything to hand. Canned fruits, vegetables, beans, meat, and fish are excellent store cupboard ingredients to keep stocked up for emergencies or when you cannot restock your cupboards.

Pasta and Rice

A simple pasta and tomato sauce dish can be a filling and quick meal if you have nothing in. The same goes for rice with a sauce or meat of your choosing. If you want to ensure you can make a meal with very little in, you need to keep a supply of pasta and rice in your home, even when times are slow. This way, you can make filling meals with very little and ensure you still get to eat.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a great source of protein, fiber, and unsaturated fatty acids. Whether you use in a recipe such as a satay chicken or you have it for sandwich fillings, PB&J, anyone?, Or you simply use it to dip your apples in for a healthy snack, keeping a good supply of peanut butter can help you out in a pinch to ensure you still get the nutrients you need and nutritious food to eat.


Whether you find yourself without time to stock up when your cupboards are looking empty, you are short on funds to purchase more food, or you simply want to stock up on items you can make meals with, these foods can offer you a good start to building basics in your kitchen you can use to make meals with regardless of what else you have in to eat.

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