What To Wear On A First Date

Your first date with someone is always going to be a mix of excitement and stress, and you’re definitely going to be nervous. One of the ways you can calm yourself is to make sure you’ve got your outfit sorted out well before the date itself - in that way, you can make sure the clothes are clean, they fit, and you’re comfortable in them. 

But before you can check on all of that, you’ll need to know what you’re wearing in the first place. This can be a hard choice, especially if you have a lot of options or you’re not particularly used to dressing up for a date. However, it can definitely be done, and once you’ve discovered the ideal outfit, you’ll be much less nervous and much more excited, which is the right way round to be. Read on to find out more. 


Think About The Type Of Date

The first step in deciding what to wear for your first date is knowing more about the date itself - where are you going, what will you be doing, and what is the dress code? In other words, are you meeting for a casual coffee or a romantic dinner? Or are you planning some kind of fun outdoor activity, perhaps? When you know the answer to this question, you’ll be able to narrow down what you might wear much more easily. 

For something like a casual coffee date, well-fitted jeans and a stylish blouse can be perfect - and don’t forget to add some personality to the look with your accessories and jewelry. If it’s a romantic dinner, perhaps because you met on a sugar baby site, you’ll want something dressier - a little black dress is always a good option, but anything that makes you feel elegant and sophisticated will be great. 

Think About The Weather 

Planning goes a long way when it comes to getting ready for your date, but don’t forget there might be last-minute changes to be made as well, and most of the time, these changes will come about due to the weather

Check the weather forecast as far in advance as you can and use that as the basis for your outfit, but make sure you check it more often as the date draws closer, as it might be that things have changed, meaning your outfit has to change too. And, of course, if the weather isn’t what it was forecast to be on the actual day, it’s wise to come up with a second outfit beforehand to make sure you always have a backup option in place. 

Be Yourself 

Of course, it’s important to wear the right type of clothing for the right kind of date and the weather, but it’s also important to be yourself, so this is something else you’ll need to think about. If you’re not wearing clothes you would normally wear or feel comfortable in, you’ll be distracted the whole date because you’ll be worried about your outfit. Plus, when you’re on a date, you want the person you’re with to see the real you, otherwise the relationship won’t progress well. Wearing clothes you love and that show off who you are makes a lot of sense in that case. 

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