the MINI project

Welcome to the MINI Project!!! 

but first let me rewind ----->

As many of you know I host the one & only #TheMessyProject which is about everyone coming together, thinking outside the box & having fun with fashion. 

The response to #TheMessyProject has been so overwhelming & amazing that I wanted to do something else, with the same theme as #TheMessyProject so that more people could play along. 

So since this new project is basically the baby to #TheMessyProject the MINI messy project was born...or MINI project for short.

Sooo what is the MINI project you ask?! Well, its allllllll about the mini parts of fashion - the ACCESSORIES...which can also play a huge role in our everyday outfits. Just like clothes, accessories are also worn differently by each person depending on their style, shape, look etc. 

The MINI project will focus only on accessories....but I don't mean just jewelry - tights, hats, sunglasses, headbands, bows, scarfs, shoes, belts, gloves are alllll accessories as well. 


The MINI Project is a monthly project in which 3 girls each month (4 including me) will receive an accessory from me & the goal is to style the accessory however YOU would wear it. You can add whatever you want. It’s YOUR item so I want you to make it yours. 

Since I pick out the item please know you may get something that you normally would never ever wear. But that's the point of The MINI Project - to challenge yourself. To be creative & step outside of the norm. 

Then on a scheduled date, all 4 of us will blog & post pictures of how we styled our accessory, linking to each others blog.

In addition, your picture from the project & blog name will be displayed on The MINI Project page of my blog.

The MINI Project brings in a ton of traffic on the day of the reveal. It really is a fun project to be apart of & something everybody looks forward to every month.

I feel this project is a great way to meet other bloggers, express your creative side, increase your blog traffic & gain more exposure.

You do not have to be a fashion blogger to be a part of The MINI Project. It is open to anyone & everyone! 

You are allowed to do the MINI project as many times as you want, there are no rules. 
The cost for the MINI project as of 1/15/2013 is $20*

small print
you do not have to pay until your month is up
you will start getting details about your turn a week before your month starts
you have no say in what item you get sent

Email - for more details! 

*The MINI Project Disclosure*

 The MINI Project is Trademarked by Kelly Woods of & is not allowed to be duplicated or copied in any type of form or matter from another person/group/blog/blogger. Legal action will be taken.
*Prices are subject to change


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