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Its Friday!!! Friday! Friday! Friday! Finally. So first off a big THANK YOU to everyone who commented & sent me tweets about yesterdays post. Your support means everything to me & it was so great to hear all your encouraging words.....& thankfully I am SO happy to report that Google was able to retrieve my email address & I got everything back!!!

And just so this doesn't happen to any of you I recommend changing your passwords as often as possible....& make it as hard as possible to get through.....& if you didn't know the email address you use that is connected to blogger, if for some reason you decide to delete that email & make a new one for your blogger account, every picture that you ever posted with that email will be deleted as well. I had no idea how connected my email & blogger account were until this whole thing happened.  

ok moving on ---> Also if you live in the Southern California area or happen to be visiting this weekend then you should stop by The Penelope Lane Fall Boutique!!! Check out allllll the information on the event HERE & visit The Penelope Lane Blog HERE

 soooo it's that time again. the end of the month when we all scramble around trying to figure out who & what blog we should sponsor....well i'm going to make this easy for you. Sponsor Messy.Dirty.Hair....duh of course! 

But why? Why should you sponsor my blog out of allllll the millions of billions of blogs out there? Well here's one reason---->
when you sponsor my blog - it isn't about how many followers I can get or increasing my blog traffic - its about YOU & YOUR BLOG.....how can I HELP YOU?! 

I have sponsored people in the past where I felt their main concern was a.) money & b.) using me & my giveaway as a way to gain more followers & increase their traffic. You can tell when the person doesn't really care to promote your blog......that's why it's different around here. My sponsorship program isn't like anyone else's. I am here to help & support you & your blog. Let me take over some of the work & help get you & your blog out there! 

I have my degree in marketing, so let me help you with the in's & out's of branding & marketing your blog so you & your blog can soar to the next level. Messy.Dirty.Hair. was only started in February 2012.

Quick Stats: 
1,100+ GFC Followers
18,000+ Page Views a Month
3,367 Social Media Followers
90,000+ Total Page Views

Other Cool Things:
Messy.Dirty.Hair. posts have been in Lucky Magazine online a few times
A few Celebrities Read & Follow Messy.Dirty.Hair.
The Messy Project every month brings in a lot of traffic which is great exposure for you

"Sponsoring Kelly was probably one of the best decisions I've made as a blogger!! I had been going back and forth for over a month on whether or not to jump on the train and sponsor anyone, but one day it clicked & I did it and I haven't looked back! She has been so amazing to work with throughout the whole thing, she's always there & goes above and beyond what I even expected! Not only was she an amazing blog to sponsor but also an awesome person to get to know. She is so down to earth and fun to just chat with! I can definitely say that I feel like I've made a friend in the blogger universe! So, if you are even considering sponsoring anyone, you should definitely sponsor Kelly, I promise you won't regret it!!!"
-Melissa @ Scribble-n-Dash

"Can I just tell you how awesome Kelly is?? She is fun & fabulous! But not only that, she has helped me increase my GFC followers and traffic each month we swapped buttons. She is dedicated to showing her sponsors love on her blog & on social media - which really made me feel appreciated by her. She has a ton of sponsors, but she always made time for my little blog. She also has inspired me to "embrace the mess"! I cannot say enough good things about Kelly & Messy.Dirty.Hair!"

"I can genuinely say I have absolutely LOVED working with Kelly! She is the first blogger I've ever sponsored, and I'm so so so glad I did.  She has helped my blog grow significantly. I can't wait to sponsor her again! Thank you, Kelly."
Click to see more stats & information 

I have added a few new sponsor options so check it out below & join the mess! I promise you'll never want to leave -----> 

This is How my Garden Grows


Anonymous said...

I just started reading your blog yesterday, I saw it on Unsimply Celia, and I love it! I think it would be really cool if you could sponsor my blog, so I am looking into getting one of your packages listed, just need to get a few of my ducks in a row! (My blog is really really new) anyway, thanks for writing such an awesome blog!

Jen said...

I hope you have an amazing weekend! :)

ashbash said...

how could anyone not want to sponsor with that adorable picture of Pickles !!!! so glad everything worked out with the whole #exbossiscrazyandhackedmyaccount situation. #bitchesbecrazy. some people just cant stand other people being happy. its really a sad sad shame.

" people are always going to talk, might as well give them something to talk about"

Ashley Allan said...

Done and Done! See you in October!

momFITtingitallin said...

I live in Southern California and I talked to another blogger down in San Diego area and we were thinking about a So Cal blogger meet and greet. What do you think?


LiveYour Best said...

Thank you for being so honest and real!



Anonymous said...

Glad you got your account back!!! Happy weekend ^^ xx

Raquel said...

So glad you got your email back!! Whew!

Georgina Castellucci said...

Thank goodness you have everything rightfully where it belongs! I am so scared something like that will happen to me.
Have a wonderful weekend xo

My-cliffnotes said...

Umm I love the button so adorable can I put it on my sidebar???

Janna Renee said...

I can definitely vouch for how awesome it is to be on your sidebar ;) You are AMAZING, inspiring, and have some incredible marketing skills!! Just more reasons why I love you GF!

thesis writing services said...

I like how you are trying to help other people. I hope you are able to find sponsors and are able help them improve their blogs.

Rogerchristian said...

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DoyleMelton said...

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