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Necklaces: Tiffany & Co

so i thought i would start doing my looks of the day since this is a fashion blog & i do love displaying my art.....but only on the days i dress cute...i do admit there are def days when i don't give a fuck what I'm wearing, i just get dressed & go....its ok to be dressed down & its okay to not wake up every single morning & do your makeup and get all dolled up....

try to be natural, at least once a week.....i actually use to be that girl who got up super early, did my hair, did my makeup...i didn't leave the house w/o looking perfect...but then as i got older i realized who cares what you look like...who are you trying to impress? now I'm not saying go and dress like a bum, but maybe wear your hair in a bun one day, don't put on any face makeup, just wear a plain tee ....try it.

i dare you too....

Black Sparkles: Marc by Marc, Blue Diamond:Juicy Couture, Skulls: Haute Betts, Watch: BP

Sweater: Mink Pink, Pants: J Brand, Flats: Tory Burch, Glasses: BP


Danielle said...

You are absolutely fabulous! Loving your blog! Newest follower!

AMBee said...

nice pants!

JMB said...

I love your style!! And I want those frames but they need to be ones I can see out of because I am like BLIND!! Which essentially ISN'T funny because one day I could be -it's BAD child!

Unknown said...

ha ha. the sad thing is... my hair is in a bun more days that it is down, I wear t-shirts probably to often, and the no make up thing? I have got that down to a science. lol. I love your cute blog! xo

Molly said...
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Lady Elizabeth Grace said...

Ok, 3rd time. I love this! I probably go more often than not with no makeup and I think my skin thanks me for that. Love this and you look adorable!

NaNa said...

Cute look, and i'm loving the little arm party you have going on! :)

Love from the NaNa girls x

Bea said...

Nice sweater!!!




i love wat u hav written about posting on days u look cute n u dont care on other days lol! u r so right!!
ne how i love ur outfit n u look realy casual n nice! :)
check new post on my blog!


Jhomaira Ag├╝ero said...

hi i am following you back :) i like your look, and you know i used to be that kind of girl too hahaha, doing everything perfect but omg i realize that i love look natural, chic, a little messy sometimes, and i feel much better and free!!! of course i care how i look, but in a more relaxing way! kisses from egypt.


Anonymous said...

Love your hair and your laidback but stylish look! x

Unknown said...

You look great, I love the bracelets so much!
Ps I'm following u back dear!

Kay @ The Glossy Allure said...

Hey hun,

Thanks for your kind words and for following me. Immediately followed back after checking your blog out. It's amazing. Can't wait to read more!


Chicago Chic said...

I so agree with this!! ..and living in San Diego presents plenty of opportunities to be really laid back with style. I admit, there are plenty of days where I do a bunch of errands without any makeup at all, hair in a messy ponytail - wearing a tshirt and jean shorts. It's really the lifestyle here! But of course that would get boring if I posted all the time, so I save the dolled up days for my blog just like you described here. Love this!!! You look so chic and what a gorgeous smile you have!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Blog :)
Would you like to follow each other? I will be more than happy :)


Kiss Kiss*Bang Bang

Sunny said...

Love what you're wearing, and I totally agree about being okay with leaving the house without make up and in scruffy clothes, I do it all the time :P x

Unknown said...

Love the "arm candy"!!


Tamara B.


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