Time for another day of Out & About w/ Ken - - -

So, this week I'm shaking it up a bit & thought I would do something more fashion geared. I was out & about yesterday & got myself a piercing! Nothing special... but it made me curious about other piercing styles that are out there & I realized there is such an unbelievable art with piercings. Like tattoos, they are an amazing, creative way to express yourself! I was looking at descriptions and prices for different piercings yesterday and there are so many that I have never even heard of before! From the dermal ones, to medusa, conch, daith, helix... & so much more. I guess I might just be piercing illiterate. 

So I did some research & here are some cool pics I found on pinterest of interesting piercings you can get! Maybe it will be a source of inspiration for you! ;)

This corset piercing is pretty intense. Don't think I could ever do that. 

If you have some interesting piercings, comment & share with us!

Till next time...

- Ken         
i thought I'd join in the fun & show you my cool piercing spot..see the little diamond??


Anonymous said...


nancy @ adore to adorn said...

oh gosh, that laced up back piercing is crazy...beautiful and insane at the same time. Your piercing looks just right for my personal style. Love how delicate it looks. =)


Selvaggia Capizzi said...

I like your pearcing while I am totally in disbelief with the lace up one! That hurts!
I am following back!
Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Unknown said...

i'm not that keen on piercings, yours is the only one I considered having myself. It looks really nice on you! I don't think it would suit me


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