maxi dresses

happy first day of spring my messy lovers! its crazy how fast time has gone, i can't believe we are already close to being done with March and onto April....ahhh it needs to stop...i turn 27 in May & let me tell you i am freaking out...but we won't get into that now, trust me there will be a lot of birthday talk closer to my birthday...haha!

sooo today i am going to talk about MAXI DRESSES...they are another big trend this year & a trend that a lot of people don't like to try.....when people think of the maxi dress they think a long, over powering, loose dress that just drags on the floor...newsflash it isn't...not even close....sure, you might find that dress & even try on that dress but it only means that's not the right maxi for you....maxi's come in all types of colors, material, sizes, & lengths...you really can find the right maxi for you if you give it a chance...

i know for me i NEVER thought i could wear one because i am only 5'3 & i didn't want to look any shorter than i already do....but that changed when i got one for free while working at Nordstrom....to my surprise it didn't make me look short or stubby....it actually fit well, not to mention they are SO comfortable & lightweight, its like wearing nothing...so when trying on a maxi make sure if you are shorter that the dress is tighter rather than baggy....if you feel there is just way too much length on the bottom wear heels or platforms with the maxi..its okay if it hits the floor & you're still wearing flip flops or sandals, it gives it a very relaxing, chill look...but if its dragging like you're wearing a wedding dress then i would pass....also a maxi dress doesn't necessarily mean it always has to be floor length, there are maxis that come in all lengths, however above the knees is not a maxi dress.

also choosing the right color or design is important too.....if you're a little larger i would suggest a plain color rather than stripes or a design...since the dress basically hugs your entire body you don't want to get lost in the dress or make the dress add weight to you...that's why choosing the right color & look is crucial...i love the V-neck maxi's, they add a very feminine feel, plus it's a little bit more of a sexier look...however if you want to wear a V-neck minus the sexified look try a jean jacket with it, or even if you dare a vest.

maxi dresses are cool because you can dress them up or dress them down & to me that's the perfect type of clothing to have in your closet! Dress them down with flats,sandals, or flip flops...you can add a jean jacket & a belt as well....really you can do a lot accessory wise with maxi's depending on how plain the dress is...to dress it up wear heels, add a leather jacket & some long necklaces....just make sure if you are wearing a printed maxi not to go too crazy with the accessories because sometimes the print is enough.

i have already bought a few maxi's for this year, both that i can dress up or down....don't worry i will show you once i wear them....if i haven't told you yet, i have this weird thing where when i get new clothes i don't wear them right away, i like to wait a little so it gives me something to look forward too..yes i know weird.

soo will you be tackling the maxi trend this year? or have you already? what do you love to wear with your maxi's? comment below, i always enjoy reading yur thoughts!

i love how she tied up the dress in the front so she could take some length off but still keep it long

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*all pictures are from Pinterest & We Heart It


Unknown said...

great trend, been searching for the perfect maxi dress/skirt for over a year, but I guess I'm being difficult ;)

Jhomaira Ag├╝ero said...

i want to buy a maxi dress too! they look so pretty, dont worry if you are not tall enough, use it with a nice wedges!


Anonymous said...

Ahh love the pics of the dresses there so cute! I feel like I never see those cute ones for a good price out! I hve always wanted to pull the dres offbut never thought I could!!! I might have to try and find one though! Love the blog and dedication to spring!!!

Mimi said...

happy first day of spring!!! and i agree, time needs to slow down, i can't believe march is almost over, it's crazy! ;)

p.s. i looove all those maxi dresses. i seriously need to stock up on them. :)

<3, Mimi
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mirjam schuurkamp said...

i love maxi dresses!
i want one for the summer

New outfit post - All beige

Jessica said...

great post on maxis! I JUST tweeted yesterday for suggestions on where to find a cute maxi bc I've been wanting one lately!

kendall casey said...

pretty cute maxis at express right now!!! ;) love this post!!

KayleyJane said...

I've always been scared to try maxi dresses didn't think it would suit me but I think I might go on a hunt for one and give it a try :)


Taylor Morgan said...

I love all of those.



Anonymous said...

Love what you are doing with the blog man!

danielle p. said...

loving your blog! these dresses are great. i only recently started liking them as well. if they are real long and i wear them with heels, people might just assume i'm tall :]

Clara Turbay said...

I celebrate the good ideas i find here every time.

Erin said...

love this post-maxi dresses are wonderful! Also, gorgeous photo of Zina!


Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/

Nicci St. Bruce said...

I love Maxis even though I'm a shortie too!

Jess said...

how interesting! I'm 5'3 too so I've also said "no" to the maxi dresses. Guess I should give it another try!

Unknown said...

i love that trend :) it's so feminine, chic but also kinda casual. :)
really nice blog you have here, dear!



Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

they're very versatile!

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

THANK YOU for all the sweet comments! it means everything to me that you are reading my posts!

xx Kelly

Like Me Some said...

love these and think I need to go buy one:) Really like all of the ones you showed...need to go shopping:)

Audrey B said...

I can't wait to wear my maxi dresses! Hello spring! www.casualglamorous.com

Rachel said...

I'm in pursuit of a maxi dress! You're right tho- you need to find the right one for you. I've always been a fan of short dresses, but I know there is a long one out there for me :)

xo Rachel!


Megan said...

I could live in maxi dresses every day for the rest of my life. Stopping by from Mingle Monday!

Adora Mehitabel said...

love love maxi dresses! so beautiful

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