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sooo today i am welcoming a new guest blogger who I am super excited about! Meet Michelle, or Swift as I like to call her. Michelle & I go way back....back to when she was a little 6th grader & i was just starting my freshmen year of highschool...my sister & michelle were friends throughout they're school years so it was only natural that we'd become friends too....michelle is a fun, sassy, outgoing, smart girl, who like myself loves the entertainment world....i love the way she looks at a movie or tv show with a creative eye & doesn't give the plain old "yeah it was good" responce....& i since i am always going to michelle for her latest reviews on a hit new tv show or movie, i thought why not share michelles reviews with all of you...so with that said i am introducing you to.....
Swift Reviews.....21 Jump Street


It’s been awhile since a truly funny and self aware comedy has come out. Luckily, the drought is over! Recently released
21 Jump Street
is the story of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as cops reluctantly sent undercover to infiltrate a high school drug ring. However, when they arrive, what’s up is down as trends and times have changed since they once gracefully (or no so gracefully in Hill’s case) traipsed down the halls of high school.

Being politically correct and tolerant is what makes a popular kid at this school and that’s just one of the ways this movie refreshingly turns stereotypes on their heads throughout the film. Expect filthy Superbad humor, but look forward to action and chase scenes…and some musical scenes; there’s something for everyone in this movie.

The cast is excellent; Tatum and Hill play off each other effortlessly and have developed a hysterical comedic rapport. The supporting cast is wonderful as well- Dave Franco has great comedic timing as the PC drug dealer, Brie Larson plays an adorable good girl, and Ice Cube is hilarious as the boys foul mouthed Captain. Also expect favorites from SNL, New Girl, and The Office to pop up along the way to fill out the ensemble cast.
I strongly recommend checking out
21 Jump Street
this weekend, I can’t imagine anyone who likes to laugh and enjoys the Judd Apatow/Todd Phillips brand of comedy to not walk out with a smile on their face.

Directed by: Phil Lord & Chris Miller
Written by: Michael Bacall & Jonah Hill
Starring: Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Dave Franco, Brie Larson


Tone-Lise said...

Nice post;D
I like it;D

beautiful me plus you said...

great post idea, have to find a guest blogger aswell haha... love Channing Tatum, great review, cant wait to see the movie! x Marina

kendall casey said...

really need to see this movie. especially since channing is my husband. butttt I heard he didn't take his shirt off even ONCE?! whats up with that?! big bummer. lol but I still will go see it. :) good post!


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