ok so the song of the day today is a song i found while watching my favorite shows How I Met Your Mother, or HIMYM to the fans..what's even cooler is I didn't know who sang this song, so I used my Shazam iphone app...if you don't have the app i HIGHLY suggest you get it because it's amazing! And i say amazing because this song was VERY quietly playing in the background while people talked & all i did was lift up my phone pressed the Shazam button and BOOM they tagged it right away! I guess i was just impressed because the song was very low & i couldn't believe the app caught the song even with all the talking. this song is slow, sounds sad..but if you don't me some of my favorite music is sad, depressing i hate my life music...i don't know why i just love it..my friends like to call it slit your wrist music or emo...soooo today's song of the day is....

"Here I Dreamt I was an Architect" by the Decemberists

enjoy lovers!

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Anonymous said...

I love depressing music!!! And himym. Love the song


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