Straight to the mess

Happy Monday!!! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Mine was fabulous! Mini dinner reunion my bests from college & the 5k Color Run with the boyfriend & our running crew. The color run was such a fun event! I love colors in general so to be sprayed with them was even better! Tomorrow I will post all the photos from the run!
Friends since sophomore year of college....going on 8 years now <3

As usual tho I like to post my end of the week mess. I meant to post Saturday night but got busy.

So this is what my straight hair looks like after 6 days of no washing. I think I brushed it once. But even when my hair is straight I still embrace the messiness. Oh & the lipstick is Mac by Lady Gaga.

Day 6 no washing 

And just a quick outfit post from this past week at work. This is my favorite dress that I own. I remember when I first saw it at Nordstrom. I just had to have it, but it was SO expensive. So I decided to wait & hope that it would go on sale. I waited forever, I never thought it would go down to a reasonable price, & then one day it did! I was ecstatic! 

I only need 16 more GFC followers to host my 3rd giveaway!!! So spread the word!
Color Run photos tomorrow! 


Lauren said...

i LOVE when things go on sale. my mom would be so proud of you...she finds me the most amazing stuff for the most amazing prices by just being patient!

LooWho said...

YAY for best friends from college!! LOVED seeing you! LOVE the dress- sooo cute!

Amanda Joy said...

Love college friend reunions! So jealous.

I wish I could go 6 days with no wash...jealous.

Great dress too! So cute!


Lindsey said...

HAir looks gorge and I love that dress! Yay for sales!!!

Pamela said...

super cute!! Love that dress! I am running the color run later this year! YAY!!!

Tere Shake said...

I wish I could do 6 full days. I get to 4 days and its a hot mess after that! I'm so excited to hear all about the Color Run. I cant wait till next year when it comes back to Las Vegas so I can see what all the talk is about! I wish I heard of it before so I could have done it this year!

I love the dress! Super cute on you.

Anonymous said...

love the dress, is lovely!! thanks for stopping by my blog, loved the comment on the gaga post, you kinda look a little bit like her.

Kathy said...

I spent my weekend with college besties, too! You look cute even with messy hair. xoxo

annpaige said...

Cute dress and it's amazing you were able to get it in your size on sale!!! I also love your waves!!!

New post - fishtail braid - http://annpaigefashion.blogspot.com

Sam said...

I love sales & I love that dress! I think a color run is coming to Louisville soon, so I just might have to sign up!


MonicaLeeBlog said...

1. I love your hair. 2. Reunions are the best. 3. I want to do a color run SO bad! 4. Cant wait to see the pictures :] 5. Great outfit!
The end.

Unknown said...

Awww, reunions! I just saw my best friends this past weekend and we are going on 6 years :) Crazy how fast time flies! Following you on GFC!


Shelby said...

I am now following you as well :) I want to do a Color Run! I have been trying to convince some friends to do it with me! Ah, so fun!

Lisa Lynn said...

Color run?? That sounds amazing! And holy hell I am so jealous of your hair looking that amazing after 6 days!

kimberly @ lush lounge said...

I don't know how you can go so long without washing! I have to wash my hair everyday or at least every other day or it gets greasy and gross haha.

Ana Carneiro said...

If I didn't wash my hair for that long I would be looking really really horrible, but not you! It's not even tied to a bun! What's the trick?


Anonymous said...

What a cute dress! I'm glad you were able to buy it. As for colors, love them! I can't wait to see your photos from the Color Run. :D

P.S. Thanks for checking out my Coachella Polyvore sets!

Lots of love, B
Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee
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Rachel said...

Aww fun! I hope I stay close with my college pals as long as you have! Is the color run where you get paint splatted all over you!? I think I've heard of that! Or at least there is something called that around where I am haha.

xo Rachel


My-cliffnotes said...

I love when stuff I want goes on sale. I also love your hair.


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