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happy Saturday lovers! my fabulous friend Amanda who works for a premium denim company is here today to spread some knowledge on color pants. i know i have touched on the subject before, however Amanda is going to teach us how to wear colored pants according to your body type.

AMB <3

Unless you've been living under a rock, we all know color denim is so in right now. It's all about rocking brights, neon’s and pastels. Even though we want to dive in head first into this trend, we have to do it right. Not everyone can rock color accordingly; I mean, know your body type and know its limits. Here are some of my tips.

I love a great pair of color and printed pants. Such a great way to spice up a wardrobe!

Short Girl: In terms of a bright pant; wear something that’s not going to make you short & stubby. Meaning stay away from anything with a larger print or a straight leg/ bootleg. The large print will weigh you down and widen you versus a small print that will just work with a petite body. Stick with anything slim fitted as well. I love a petite girl who wears a skinny jean (not cuffed) that is completely tapered to the ankle. A completely tapered leg will elongate a petite girl giving a taller illusion.

Curvy Girl: This is my fav! I mean, just because you're curvy doesn't mean you can't rock the trend. Here's the deal, don't wear anything too bright! By this I mean, if you have booty and you're afraid of it popping, stay away from neon’s and brighter hot tones (reds, pinks, orange, yellow). For this I recommend a blue, purple and green. These are all the pop of color you'll need without causing a scene. Also, stick with a mid rise skinny or capri. Mid rise is a god send especially for the girl with curves. There will be no awkward gap in the back and you'll have minimal to NO muffin top! Here are my fav picks:

This isn't rocket science so don't stress out about looking great, chances are you're looking pretty great. If you want to spice things up remember to keep the tops simple. I'm not a fan of color blocking bright tops with bright pants. I mean please don't wear a neon pink top with neon blue pants, you're bound to give someone a seizure. Keep it simple, you're pants will be the show stoppers, nothing else. Edge it up with a black leather and white tank or keep it simple with a stripe tee or light wash denim jacket. My absolute fav for a casual day are my bright red pants, a simple sandal and my grey American apparel v neck, it's comfy and chic! If you're rocking some brights out do a nude pump or a cute bootie! The key here is to have fun and you'll look great.

thanks amanda!

soooo my sister has never been one to go outside of the box & try the funky new trends...so imagine my surprise when she came over one day in COLORED pants! i couldn't believe it! she actually said my first post on colored pants actually inspired her to buy a pair...i was honored. So of course i made her do a mini photo shoot....she hated it the entire time.

my mess coming later tonight!



Jan said...

Well that's nice that she got out of her box :) I love the curvy one too!

Happy Saturday!


Jessica said...

Love this post. I have dying to purchase some color jeans and these tips are fabulous.

Sunny Days and Starry Nights

Lolita in the Mix said...

Nice blog! Like this post, and the pants you are wearing! Thnx for following, I follow back now! Let's also follow on bloglovin; let me know when you do, I always follow back!



Giovanna said...

Great post! Loving the red printed denim!


PinaR said...

Love the Pastell pants :**



Izzy said...

totally agree with your tips!! especially how girls with a more undefined waist should go for midrise pants. oh and your outfit is lovely too :) very casual and cute!


Anonymous said...

I need ur advice on all my clothes I just can't get it some days Amanda. I do love my red pants thou and all the spring colors. Great blog. Bev

Rachel said...

Awesome post! I love your look- gives a whole new name to "blue jeans" ! :)

xo Rachel


Anonymous said...

thank you for the tips. i feel like because i'm "curvy" color jeans are a little scary : )

Sam said...

Yay! I have red skinny jeans that I love!

Janna Renee said...

I bought one pair of colored denim and their cut made me look stumpy (I'm 5'3.5), so I took those back and found a better cut! If only I had read this before, I would have known better ;) At least now I know why the others didn't fit!!

Unknown said...

Totallyyyyy love the colored denim craze have blue and red myself. Great blog, follow me and I will follow back!


ylenia said...

Love the yellow and coral denim!
New drawings made by my on my blog, take a look and let me know your opinion!

Kell said...

Good advice! I love the colored jeans, but I definitely don't feel comfortable in skinnies. My big hips scare me from them!

Unknown said...

loving your jeans

Like Me Some said...

Great tips and jeans!!! Your sister is rocking them!!!

Kay @ The Glossy Allure said...

Lovin' it.. Ah, the colors *drolls*


My best friends blog said...

I love your style & all the tips on colored jeans! Thanks so much for following our blog! We are your newest follower!


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