vacay recap!

soooo I'm back from my amazing vacay in Oahu, Hawaii! it was just a short trip & of course i wish i was longer, but I'm happy to be home...I'm just lucky to be in love with where i live

once again Hawaii didn't disappoint...however, I am use to going to Maui. I’ve only been to Oahu one other time when I was younger so this was still kinda new to me & oh man was i shocked...

we stayed at the Outrigger Reef on the Beach located smack in the middle of Waikiki...our hotel was on the beach so it was very convenient....but even better; I was literally surrounded by stores...& i don't mean your  typical shopping mall stores...i mean huge, designer stores....everywhere i looked there was Tory Burch & Louis Vuitton. I was in heaven...it literally was like Disneyland for shopping...every single store was so beautiful & so brilliantly merchandised...i felt like i was in a museum of art, that’s how amazing it was....and let me tell you i have shopped everywhere - SF, LA  & NY & this by far was the best shopping I have ever come across (until i go to Europe that is)...don't worry i took plenty of pictures...but because I took so many each day this week will focus on different store, so get excited!

today’s post is just going to be a "photo dump" of my Hawaiian vacation! so sit back & welcome to paradise

getting all her goodies for her bloodys
the setup

we're here!

Day 1

bloody mary extra spicy

the girls!

lauren & i are beyond OBSESSED w/ christmas time so it was only natural there was a xmas store in my hotel

first night outfit

next morning hair after swimming in the ocean & not washing it

Day 2

shaved ice <3

sushi & shopping...whats better?!

Day 3

view from our balcony


My 3 Beach Looks: 1st: L*Space 2nd: Top: Victoria Secret, Bottoms: Trina Turk, 3rd: Victoria Secret, Hat: Quicksilver

and then lastly we came to the last day & of course the day we were leaving it was just gorgeous out!

then we found this beautiful chapel overlooking the ocean...it was breathtaking

i miss it already! Mahalo Hawaii for another wonderful time & I will be back again soon!!!

my hair at the end of my trip after much swimming in the ocean & no brushing...now that's a mess....it has even started to dread.

also as you may know my birthday is this month.... May 27th to be exact! every year since i can remember i have made a big deal out of my birthday! its more like a birthday week...but since I am turning 27 on the 27th I am going even bigger this year which means May Giveaways ALL month long....think of this as Oprah's Favorite Things but MessyDirtyHair Edition! So get excited & be ready to win some pretty fabulous stuff!!



Michelle said...

Looks like such a good time!

Anonymous said...

Looks amazin! Obsessed with your first night outfit and your neon green bandou!!! Your hair looks fantastic!

Kim said...

i love the next morning hair idea and the shaved ice pic....your mom looks like she's in heaven!!

Tere Shake said...

AH! I am so jealous. I love all 3 choices of swim suits, they were super fabulous! I am so glad you had a blast, and that I get to read about it and pretend as though it was me:)

Sarah said...

I'm so jealous you got to go to Hawaii!! Looks like you had such a fun trip! And I wish my hair looked as good as yours....but if I leave it, it just turns into a straight up mess. haha

Lynn | Motherhood in Motion said...

Love the messy beach hair! Jealous of your trip to Hawaii.... and of the apparently great shopping! yay for 27 this month... 27 was good to me.

Jessica said...

Looks like you had such a great time! I'm so jealous! I feel you on the hair..thats exactly what mine looks like coming out of the ocean! All Natural ;)

LooWho said...

SO glad you had so much fun!! love the pics!! Yay for birthday month!! ;)

Jan said...

Awesome pictures! I've always wanted to go there!


Yuli Conversations said...

Fantastic photos! I love love your top on your bathing suit, super cute!

Unknown said...

Arghhhh I need to go to the beach, NOW!
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog - Following you now! Whee!

Anonymous said...

Ahh that's so cool. I'm moving to Hawaii!!! Going to Kauai in June. Woo hoo love the photos xx

Rachel said...

This looks like the BEST time! You're hair literally has "beachy waves" haha love it!

xo Rachel


Unknown said...

Im desperate for a beach trip. Have to wait till July. Dont you love how your hair does at the beach!?


Alexa said...

Looks like such a fun time, girl! Love all of your outfits!

Kell said...

I could die! I want to go. I'm glad you had such a good time, and you look great!

Lauren said...

i am in awe! what an amazing vacation. and that fringe bikini is to die for...saw a few of those at coachella and was in envy the entire time!

Maranda Marie said...

Love this so much, so adorable. Glad you had fun! :)
And I manage to not live on the streets because I work in those super fancy stores and the pay is gooooood, and my husband works too. haha My store is the #3 Bottega Veneta in the US, so the sales are good. ;)
Love your beach hair, when I lived on Maui my hair was longer and blonde and kind of looked like yours and I had so many dreads. So gnar.

Unknown said...

I'm SO JEALOUS of your vacay and your amazing tan! And look at you, rockin the turban. Love it.


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