PINK nation

Happy Monday loves! so i don't know about you but I'm a huge fan of the Victoria Secret PINK collection...i could live in that stuff....i don't know if you guys already know this or not but Victoria Secret is branching out a making PINK stores....that's right, just a store filled with only PINK merchandise!!!! I think I've died & gone to heaven! now i don't know if everywhere is getting PINK stores, this is just what's going on in California...so i thought I'd share with you some photos from the store & the beautiful way they merchandised everything, because to me presentation is everything.

so much cute detail around the store like chairs and benches...all pink of course!

frame fabulouness!

now lets make our way into the AAAAMAZING dressing rooms

oh yes! the large PINK dog...i was obsessed!!!!

obsessed with bows

this was the cash wrap..all the pictures are current & old Victoria Secret Angles...so fabulous!

 besides having these fun light ups around the store they also had a massive huge TV that filled up an entire wall....the picture wouldn't come out clear enough to show you but it was crazy...& on the TV were Victoria Secret photo shoots...bananas!

*if you live in Orange County you can find a brand new PINK store at Fashion Island & they are currently putting one in the Shops at Mission Viejo

pretty amazing right?! are you a fan of the Victoria Secret PINK line?



Carolyn said...

LOVE! The PINK stuff is my favorite! I've been wearing PINK perfume since my freshman year of college and I never want to wear anything else! HAHA

Unknown said...

wauw, these stores seem so cool!

Andrea said...

Love PINK too! Great pictures!

Erin said...

I LOVE THE BOWS! I need bow knobs on my dresser right now

Michelle said...

oooh love it!

Unknown said...

I would love to have the big dog. I have 2 of the little ones.

Jenna said...

There's a PINK store near where I live here in Michigan! I love it!! I have to keep myself from going too often or else I would be broke.

Jan said...

I love pink too! Their undies are the cutest!

I'm having a new giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

The Pink Growl said...

ah I love pink too! I don't think where I live will be big enough to get it's own Pink store. We usually have a pretty good selection at our 3 VS stores though.

Amber said...

I am obsessed with PINK!!!!! You are lucky to have a pink store!! My town is tiny so I imagine we won't be getting one:( boo

xo kAr said...

VS PINK is my absolute obsession!!! 100% of my underwear collection is PINK hahaha sorry if that's TMI! We have a PINK store where I live in NC, but it's not nearly that big or adorable!! Those bows & huge dog are so freakin cute. I want VS to come decorate my entire home! :):)

Yuli Conversations said...

ahh what a fun store!!

Alexa said...

Love the photo of you on the pink dog! :)

Kristin said...

Love!! im in so cal so hopefully ill see one soon!

P!nky said...

Guuuuuuurl you KNOW I LOVE anything pink!!!

Must find that store ASAP!

Elizabeth said...

Love your blog! I live in NYC and work in fashion myself! Just started blogging :)


Sarah said...

So fun! We are getting one here in Cincinnati soon!

Emily.Duncan said...

LOVE your blog!
love this post and love me some PINK and some VS!
question! where did you get your headband in the picture? I Love it!
could you email me where you go it!?


Raven said...

I liiiiiiiiivveee in my VS clothes. LIVE. and not only because I'm too fat to wear my skinny jeans.

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