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Happy Wednesday loves! Soooo you know how i am all about being natural & embracing the mess, well today i have a fun example of embracing the mess but still pulling off a trendy look...

i love dressing up & getting all pretty but lets be honest there is not enough time for that...i rarely wear heels & you all know i don't do my hair much, so when i dress up i go big! But here's the funny thing - for the longest time i use to save all my "good" clothes for only special nights or events...it was pretty stupid considering i didn't go to that many "special" places. So instead of letting the clothes hang in my closet i decided to dress them down & make them more every day practical...oh & i named them too....

 Where's Waldo

Tank: The Lincoln Street Boutique :: Jeans: Citizens of Humanity :: Gladiators: MIA

 i love this dainty silky tank....it's light weight & soft. The all red back makes it even more unique...& instead of wearing this tank with black pants I paired it with dark jean skinnys that i rolled up & in place of black heels I paired it with black gladiators...& of course the glasses add a sassy touch.



Pants: The Lincoln Street Boutique :: Tank: B.P. Nordstrom  :: Jean Jacket: B.P. Nordstrom :: Flip flops: Havaianas

 I don't really consider pink pants dressy but i didn't want to go too crazy with the top considering they are bright pink. So I wore them with a silky black tank - you can never go wrong with black. I  love this black tank because it has the perfect amount of shine to it. I decided to only wear flip flops to keep with the simple look ....& of course i finished off the outfit with my jean jacket...you guys all know i love this jacket. I wear it with everything...i highly recommend investing in a light color one...it will save your life!


Coral Crush 

Blouse: TBD Nordstrom "ya-da" :: Jeans: Citizens of Humanity :: Flats: Tory Burch :: Sunglasses: Rayban

so this top has a funny story behind it...i actually got it a few years ago...( i take REALLY good care of my clothes) so my mom use to hate this shirt...when i tried it on the first time she was very avid about me not buying it...i really didn't understand why, i was in love...but she thought the material felt cheap & not worth the money...well clearly i bought it anyway (she was not happy) & i wore it the very next day & have been wearing it for years now...

its the perfect bright coral color & i love the way it hangs. I paired it with the same jeans i wore with my Where's Waldo look...& finished off the outfit with my white Paten leather Tory's...& i love me some sunglasses so i got a little "matchy matchy" & got my white raybans out to complete the look....


so there you have it - 3 outfits dressed down for a more everyday look...seriously, girls that wear heels every day - i do not know how you do it. you must have feet of steel because one day in heels & that's enough for the month for me ha! 

sooo which outfit was your favorite - where's waldo, bubble gum or coral crush? are you more a heel girl or a flat gal?  


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Carolyn said...

I love all three outfits, but I think that the pink pants have to win!! :) I also LOVE that shirt that your mom hated. Glad you bought it!

Jenna said...

I love the hot pink pants and the coral shirt equally! I'm all about the pops of color! And I'm with you on heels. They kill me! I love flats.

Lyzz said...

Ugh I need money to try on some new clothes, I am loving the pink and mint jeans everyone has!!

Anonymous said...

Ado adorable outfits!!! I've always wanted your clothes lol. I love those pink pants!!!! I like your title too. Lyzz H&M has cute colored jeans for 19.95 and I love mine!!

Penniless Socialite said...

I love the pink pants. I usually try to keep it simple with some of my bright colored denim.
I love my sky high heels, but I can really only wear them once or twice a week or I would be crippled. My black patent Tory Burch flats are my go-to flats.

Penniless Socialite

Holly said...

I think I like the bubblegum one the best. I love the bright color in the pants and the casual ease of the black tank and flip flops :) Get it, girrrrl!

Anonymous said...

hi there!! new to your blog & i love your style! its so great.
coral crush is my have.. sooo great :)

Erin said...

I LOVE those pink pants and I'm pretty sure everyone knows I love coral. I just bought bright pink and coral everything at Target last weekend. We're on the same page.

Dasha Crawford said...

Cute! I love the pink jeans!!!!

Hilary said...

CORAL CRUSH! ..And those white TBs are lovely!

Marisa Stewart said...

I LOVE the Bubblegum one! Pink is my favorite. Great post! xo

Brittany @ Brittany's Joy Blog said...

First of all, the coral one is my fav, but that "where's waldo" top is such a great find! Jealous. Second: Thanks for stopping by! I live in Santa Barbara, so we're kind of neighbors! haha love finding fellow cali bloggers too :)

Diana Marks said...

great style on all the pictures! love your blog!

check out my blog and, if you want, let's follow each other on GFC or Bloglovin' or both ;)

LA By Diana Live Magazine

LooWho said...

Love the Where's Waldo Look!! That shirt is adorable and the glasses are amazing!

Jade Sierra said...

Loving all three outfits! I can't choose a favorite! I'm a flats kinda gal, but that's because I'm already fairly tall. However, I do love a cute pair of heels or wedges for going out on the weekends! ;)

Thanks so much for checking out my blog! I followed you back & I'm looking forward to getting new ideas for fashion & beauty from your blog. :)


-Jade Sierra-

Buttons Apart said...

I liked coral crush the best! I prefer flats because they are easier to walk in! Following you now :)

Sita xx

Raven said...

haha I am ALL ABOUT saving my "good" clothes for "good" occasions but then they never get worn! What a waste! And I am LOVING THOSE PINK pants! I die.

Sarah Hartley said...

I LOVE that first "Where's Waldo" top. It is so perfect.

Anonymous said...

AH love this post! I'm the same way..I have so many cute blouses and dresses but for some reason I always reserve them for going out. Definitely going to try dressing them down!


Irene said...

I wear heels everyday! It feels SO normal for me!! LOL!!! I guess being 5'1", it makes me feel a bit TALLER! :) And I somehow "carry myself" a bit "better" wearing heels. But I always love my great sandals and flip-flops!

Diana Marks said...

I just followed you on GFC!

LA By Diana Live Magazine

Ashley said...

i love this! so creative! and the bublegum is totally my fav!

The Pink Growl said...

I love that bubblegum look! so cute! your legs are so thin!!

Nikki @ makeupHER said...

Love the bubblegum look the best, and I agree about investing in a light wash denim jacket, I have been on the hunt for one to pair with maxi dresses for when I go to the beach, it is definitely a summer staple!

Amanda said...

oh my goodness gracious!!! I LOVE all of these looks...not sure which is my fav but I think its gotta be Bubblegum!!
hope youre having a great week love!

darian blair said...

Kelly, I just found your blog and it so so adorable!! I love it! All three outfits are beyond cute. I think my favorite is Where's Waldo! Thanks for the fun read. :)

his little lady said...

so, i just saw your guest post and had to stop by and say that i think we are meant to be best friends after that. you are just too cute!
xo TJ

Kate said...

Love the coral crush!
All three are so cute :)


Ashley said...

That coral top is fantastic!! I think it's funny she had such an issue with you buying it, it's cute!

Kristin W said...

I think coral is my favorite, although it's a tie with the bubblegum! There is something I adore about a flowy blouse (maybe the ability to gain a beer belly without others noticing?). I'm much more of a flats girl since I'm on my feet most of the day...my feet just can not get used to heels. The balls of my feet are inevitably killing me after a half hour of standing no matter what...

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