happiness is louis vuitton

Hello lovers! Happy Sunday! You guessed it…just another day of Sunday Social with Ashley & Neely….. today we’re talking about my favorite thing ever – PURSES!!!

I know every girl has one thing that they are obsessed with. Whether it be shoes, purses, scarf’s, jeans, jackets, jewelry…there is always something we love the most….& mine is purses. I can’t get enough.  So let’s get social!

Sunday Social
Favorite handbag you've ever owned

Well it always changes but as of right now it would be my cross body Louis Vuitton that I got a few years ago in Hawaii. I couldn’t love this bag more. It’s easy to carry, it holds a lot & I love the way it lays. Everybody should own some type of cross body!
circa 2010
Dream handbag you lust over
Chanel Large Flap Bag with Silver Chain.…& it will be mine one day...


Daily essentials in your purse or work bag
Wallet, cell phone, chap stick, business cards, mirror, perfume, ibprophian, SUNGLASSES....I can't go anywhere w/o them...people see me more with them on than off.
What's in your purse (with pictures)
There's a lot of crap in my purse…let me show you -

-Sunglasses in case
-lint roller
-brush w/ mirror
-gum & floss picks
-perfume roll on
-business cards & holder
-lipstick, lip gloss & chap stick
-pocket knife
-rubber bands & bobby pins
-allergy medicine
-doggy bags...there's a fun story behind this one
-paper & pens
-portable usb

So that’s what is in my bag at the moment…..what’s in yours? What is your dream bag? ….ok that’s it for today lovers have a great rest of your weekend!

Also The Messy Project is booked for the rest of the year…I couldn’t be more excited! I am taking reservations for January 2013 so let me know if you want to be on the list! Just know there is a price change with the New Year, check out the details HERE

Check out a huge giveaway I am apart of HERE...I'm giving away a mini tanning package!




Stesha said...

you are so cute! i love purses too my next purchase...tory!


Thomas Mundell said...

Purses are my obsession too I wish they had a business where you could rent them lol I think we both know my purses are alwayss a bag of fun...you never know what your gonna pull out! Hydrateeee

Jane said...

Great purse! I agree everyone should have a crossbody bag or two. It is SO nice being hands free!

Lauren // Pink on the Cheek said...

LOL ummm I think we have the same bag obsession!! Once you go LV you can never go back. All the money you would spend on another purse is just LV money.

Kristin said...

Cross-body bags always make me feel like I've got my act together. Because I'm not tugging a purse up on my shoulder all the time!

Unknown said...

cute blog! found you from Social sunday!!

following you via gfc :)


The Sweetest Thing said...

I want an LV soo badly! I agree with Kristin about Cross Body Bags - they do make you feel like you've got less to worry about!

Lindsay said...

I need a cross body! That Chanel is to die for. Love it. I fully support you purchasing it.

Unknown said...

Ahhhh the flip brush. I haven't seen one of those in ages, but it's good to know they're still out there. Now, I just have to find one! Happy Sunday Social. www.velardox.com

Melissa said...

All of today's Sunday Socials that I've read...everyone is lusting over some sort of Chanel bag. Like you, I have a USB in my bag...glad I'm not the only one!

The High Heeled Brunette said...

I have to agree. Cross body bags are the best and even better in LV. So comfortable. I have a couple that I wear all the time. That Chanel one is gorgeous! Happy Sunday! xoxo

Ashley said...

i absolutely loved my louis vuitton purse I used it daily for 5 years! I miss it now I've got to replace the straps!

Mimi said...

we are so the same! :) my absolute favorite purse is my louis vuitton speedy bag and i am also forever lusting over chanel bags -- one day, definitely! ;)

<3, Mimi

Ashley said...

LOVE your Louis!! Mine is my favorite too :)

Thanks for linking up!

Tere Shake said...

girlfriend! we have the same cross body Louis Vuitton purse. i agree its the best ever! only thing is it doesnt fit all my crap!

so excited about the messy project and how popular its becoming. your amazing.

No(dot dot)el said...

The only designer purse I own is a Dooney and Burke that my sister Gina gave me. I Love it but don't use it because it's too small for all the kid crap I carry. Confession- I'm so not a designer bag, jeans, clothing, jewelry anything. I sure hope you will still like me after this admission. I like fancy cheese does that count ? Oh and all of those bags up there are super cute, but I couldn't tell you who made them if my life depended on it! For realz!

Yuli Conversations said...

love your chanel bag, doll!! chanel is my favorite of all.

Janna Renee said...

I would totally rock a Chanel...They are timeless and so chic ;)

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