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happy Friday lovers!!! this week seemed to go by fast and i like that. Big thank you to everyone for all your sweet comments and support of The Messy Project. It was a huge success and it makes me so happy that you all loved it as much as I do!

So today I am linking up with Ashley for another day of Friday's Letters so let's write some letters! Oh & if you like to actually hand write letters...you know snail mail...then you should check out Carley at Suburban Sweets new PenFriend Project!

dear #TheMessyProject Girls: THANK YOU Janna, Jenna, Kelly & Lauran for all your hard work over the past months. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect bunch of girls for the first ever messy project. You all went above & beyond. love you & hope you'll do it again!


dear mouth: You defiantly do not feel so good right now...and I hate that the one time I can't really eat I am starving!


dear jen: Thank you so much for taking pictures of me!! Its always so fun...have fun this weekend! you are fabulous & are going to look beautiful!!! You better send me pictures!

via "Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion"

dear auto correct: You will be the death of me. When i type "so" I mean SO not DO...its been 9 months, when will you get it?

via....(not my phone covo)

dear time: you are going by super fast but it makes me happy because as the weeks fly by we are just getting closer to my favorite time of the year..FALL

dear god: i REALLY want this new venture that has just popped up in my life......


dear sunday: i cant wait to see you! i am going to one of my first baby showers & i couldn't be more excited!

dear erin condren planner: i love you. i cant stop staring at you. you are one of the best purchases ever!

dear nail polish: why are you chipping so fast lately...& by lately i mean the VERY NEXT DAY?! cut it out!


dear credit cards & extra money: were done. its over. its not you, its me. trust me, it hurts me more than it hurts you. its budget time...


dear nicholl: i am super excited for our upcoming collaboration together....



dear beverly hills nannies...or really you should be called 'the babysitters club' - i am addicted already...also how can i get into this club? no really, for real.... haha

via...who else read these books?!?
do you have anyone or anything you want to write to today?...okay thats it for today lovers...coming up this week we've got Social Sunday, Sponsor Spotlight, Giveaways & finally the Messy Challenge! Get excited! 


And the winner of Nicholl's Target Gift Card Giveaway is....

JANNA from Perception is Everything!!!!!!

The Messy Project has been filled up through November. I currently only have 3 spots left for December then we will be heading into January 2013....crazy! So if you want to be apart of the messy project reserve your spot now! Check out all the information HERE

The Messy Project



Whitney @ EHFAR said...

That's crazy that The Messy Project is booked through November. Congrats though! I definitely want to do it. I'll be contacting you after I get paid :)

The High Heeled Brunette said...

Congrats on The Messy Project being filled through November. I'm so excited for you. Good luck with your new venture. xoxo

Joanna said...

Great post! love your blog, such pretty pictures!


Sam said...

Oh the babysitters club.. used to love those books. And wasn't it a show, too, if I remember correctly?? Can't wait to hear more about this venture! :)

The Pink Growl said...

Congrats the Messy Project success! You rock girl!! I HATE HATE HATE how my phone changes so to do. It's stupid!

Jessica said...

I want to try an Erin Condren life planner so bad! I thought maybe it would be best for moms with kids (i.e. lots of different schedules to keep track of). But you love it for you right? Maybe that means it would be good for me to...Hmmm...May just have to splurge on this...

Unknown said...

Dear Kelly: you are amazing. I will meet you soon, i know it. I also love the planner, our project, the fact that you've had a great project turn out, and that janna won the gift card!


Holly said...

Just got my Erin Condren planner too and I LOVE it! And I think I read every single Babysitter's Club books! I feel you on the budgeting! It's time. Congratulations on a fabulous debut and turn out for your Messy Project!

What happened to your mouth?! Feel better soon hun! Love you, xoxo!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes how I hate predictive text! I thought it was suppose to "learn" your language pattern. Well I must have received the dumb phone from the factory instead of the Smart phone. Because it's been a year for me and it still can't even spell my son's name right...urr!

Found your blog from Ashley's link party! Have a great week!

Unknown said...

These were so funny. Love the Damn You Auto Correct bit... "It's been 9 months when will you get it?" Fa Realz! And Yay, Fall's my favorite too.

Anonymous said...

I not only love the blog I love the pictures that accompany it. The messy project rocked

Anonymous said...

Broke is totally the new rich! And chipped polish sucks, I blame heat. I was somewhere really humid and it lasted about 30 seconds!

Janna Renee said...

Dear Kelly, I love you with all of my little heart and not JUST because I have won TWO of your giveaways. Haha. I miss the babysitters club! I should check some out from the library and read them again!

Unknown said...

I was debating watching the nannies, but now that you said the magic words of THE BABYSITTER'S CLUB, I have to!
I also absolutely can't wait for fall to get here. Don't get me wrong, I totally like summer... but fall is by far my favorite!!

Allyson [Mimosas in the Morning] said...

That first photo looks gorgeous! I can't believe you live somewhere that gorgeous. I'm incredibly jealous.

Rima said...

i just found your blog and i say, i'm your new biggest fan.
i just about your beginning of being "messy" and i was like you too. now i love my crazy beachy wavy hair. i'm actually happy that i can achieve that wavy hair naturally, hehe...


Jamie said...

Hope youre having a great weekend!


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