The Messy Challenge.....& christmas?

hellllllo lovers!!! okay so today has been a long time coming....as many of you know I don't wash my hair that often....i embrace the mess...I'm not going to get into the whole story of why again but if you're new here & wanna know the whole story on embracing the mess then you can check that out HERE...

Sooo I thought it would be fun to have a little challenge & challenge whomever to see how long they could go without washing their hair....I wanted to see how many of you actually could step out of your skin & embrace the imperfections in life.....here's what they had to do...

Go as long as you can without washing your hair & then send me a picture of you embracing the mess & let me know what day you are on...
 Embracing the mess means NO washing your hair in the shower with water, dry shampoo is okay {if you must}...even if it’s one day no washing you are still embracing the mess!

I was SO impressed with the girls who participated! Some are bloggers, some aren't. But it was so wonderful to see so many of you embrace your messy hair! And all of these girls deserve a shout out because I know not washing your hair is not something done easily! So meet

The Messy Challenge Girls

Starting from the top left to the right we've got

Tab @ My Cliffnotes ...went 4 days!

An old friend of mine from elementary school Christie O'Keefe...went 7 days!!

The fabulous Haley from Lincoln Street Boutique...went 3 days!

Lizette @ Wilson 2...went 3 days!

Nadine @ Back East Blonde...went 4 days!

Lauren @ Pink on the Cheek....went 2 days!

Alana @ Life & Times of the Intelligent Blonde...went 10 days!!!!

Jessica @ Avant-Garde Living...went 5 days!!

Nikki @ Makeup Her...went 9 days!!!

Jen @ Boys will be Boys...went 5 days!!

Melissa @ A Life in the Life of a Mom & Wife...went 3 days!!!

Janna @ Perception is Everything...went 7 days!!

Me...went 7 days!

Nicholl @ The Chiffon Diary...went 7 days!

My sister Ashley went 6 days!!

& last but defiantly not least

My lover Chantelle @ Shopping for Distractions...went 6 days!!!

A BIG thank you to all the girls for participating! I think you all look fabulous embracing the mess!

So who is our lucky winner that went the longest?!?! Well that would be

Alana at Life & Times of the Intelligent Blonde!!! She went 10 days!!!! And even better she documented every single day....& blogged about it...so you can read about what she did each day & her tips on maintaining messy hair HERE

So that’s it for today lovers! The Messy Challenge will be back in the future for anybody who wants to take on the challenge & embrace messy hair!


So I participated in Christmas in July hosted by Alyx over at Every Day is a New Adventure.....I knew it was something i had to do because I LOVE Christmas time! It's pretty simple - we got paired up with someone & sent them a gift! I got paired up with the adorable Jessica of Jessica Who?....& look at all she sent me!
 Headband, Starbucks Cup, Maui Babe Tanning Lotion! I die! THANK YOU Jessica & Merry July Christmas!!!

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Anne said...

That headband is super fun!

Laura said...

I really wish I could go without washing my hair but I cant. I sweat too much (old age/hormones its just so much fun! haha)

The Pink Growl said...

I wish I could go 10 days without washing my hair! That's awesome! What a fun challenge Kel!

Alana Christine said...

Thank for the shout out! It was definitely a fun challenge : )

Alicia Marie said...

I sooo want to join in on the messy fun...I'm cutting most of my hair off and dyeing it today so I might not start it for a few days (if that's ok?)...but I'm definitely trying it out! ;)

Jenna said...

I love this!! I would kill to be able to go 7 days without washing my hair! My fine hair can only take about 2.5 days before it turns into a complete grease slick! But you know I rock that :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your blog is so interesting and unique! New follower!

Paulina Mo, lilbitsofchic.com said...

Such a fun concept.. girrrl, I only went 2 days!! lol... but I don't have that much hair so it gets oily really fast. The winner looks great after 10 days!! See you soon at our meet up :)


pretty little things said...

I can seriously go forever without washing my hair! some people might think its gross but since I have such thick coarse hair, it really never gets greasy. If anything it keeps looking better! haha


Janna Renee said...

Can we do a joint Christmas swap or something? We both LOVE Christmas, so it would be FABULOUS! PS. I take credit for Alana winning, because I challenged her and she was determined to beat me! Haha. She did fabulous though, and I love how she documented it! Love you all! xoxooxo

Tere Shake said...

Maui babe is the best tanning lotion ever.
like ever.

Trina said...

I am super impressed. I have short, fine hair and it gets SO GREASY. It was easier to skip washes when it was longer because I could curl it or pull it up but not when it's short. I can't believe that girl went 10 days!!!!

Little Miss Alizzi said...

I so need to try the challenge for ten days!!! Such lovely gifts you received :)

Tiffany said...

Fantastic! I try so hard to allow my hair to be messy & dirty...now I will try harder!

Amber Nicole said...

Love this! I so could have participated! I'm a mom of 3! I'm lucky to wash myself let alone my hurr. :p

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

These girls look much better than I do when I don't wash my hair! I need to try this more often :)

Ashley said...

this is awesome!! i would totally embrace this challenge if I didnt have a grease slick for hair....dont think my office would appreciate it. but if i could get by with it just being curly and natural....i totally would! these girls are beautiful!

Alyx said...

love the package you got!! Thanks for participating and linking up!

My-cliffnotes said...

I got killed lol. Let's try again


Jana Faith said...

Christmas in July looks like lots o' fun! I tend to do the Messy Hair project independently, I think. I'm not much of one for washing my hair daily, but the longest I made it was 5 days. I really like seeing the pictures of other participants.

Head to Toe Chic said...

Such a fun challenge! They all look amazing! I can only go a day without washing my hair, it gets crazy greasy.


Rima said...

i have to wash my hair every other day because my scalp gets very very itchy and it won't looks awesome in front of my patients seeing a nurse scratching her head every 3 minutes looking like she has fleas. hahaha... BUT, I still embrace my messiness because I only brush my hair once after I shower and that's it. I leave it alone. And go to bed, and don't even bother to brush it (I have that beachy wavy hair) and just spray it with some mist to keep it all right.

Messy Hair Rules.

No(dot dot)el said...

I can't believe ALANA... 10 DAYS... for realz that's commitment!! And Christmas in July was oh so much. Love your Starbucks cup that you got.

Anonymous said...

I would totally participate if my hair didn't turn into a complete grease pit later the same day I wash it! I really could care less about how I look but I feel so gross! Have yet to find a dry shampoo that helps! But you go girls! I love it!


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