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Happy Monday Loves! Well i guess you aren't really happy its Monday...so ew Monday loves!...ok so today I have a very special girl for you to meet. I have really enjoyed getting to know her & I know you will too.  She has a very fun & cute lifestyle blog talking about everything from fashion, to food, to her daily life....& she has the cutest dogs! Like me, she s a big animal lover who treats her pets like her babies so of course I loved her instantly...she's the messy sponsor of the month so show her some love! So without further ado

Hello everyone!!! My name is Melissa and I write over at
Scribble-n-Dash & I am so excited to be sponsoring Kelly here on her
piece of the blogging universe! So of course, I would like to thank her for this awesome opportunity :)

So, a little bit about me… I am a twenty-three {almost twenty-four}
year old blogger living in the Mid-West, along with my husband of a
year and three months & our two pups. I have a crazy passion for
writing, reading, fashion & all things DIY. Having more free time, now
that I have graduated college, I picked up this blog of mine to share
with everyone my journey through this crazy & beautiful life.

Something fun that Kelly has asked me to do is answer a few questions
& I have to say I had fun doing it…

If you could have any super power what would it be & why?
I would have to say, being able to fly. I have always wanted to do a lot of traveling & I feel like having the ability would fly would very much help me out in that area. Oh, and of course, it would just be cool to fly in and of itself ;)

What is something we don't know about you that we should?
I can be extremely self conscious. I have a horrible time dealing with certain situations & am always second guessing myself, as well as going back through past conversations and kicking myself for either saying too much or not saying enough.

It’s your last day on earth, what do you do?
Spend it with my entire family. I am extremely lucky to have all of my family in one city so it would be a full day of nothing but family time; we all always have a blast when we are together so I don’t think I would want to spend my last day doing anything else.

Well I think that just about covers it for me today :) Come by the
blog sometime & say “hello”

Have a fabulous day!

So Melissa is giving away a $20 giftcard to JEWELIQ... everything is under $25 w/ shipping!!! So I had never heard of this site before so I did a little research to see what they have & OMG i want it all!!!! Here are just a few things that can be found on Jeweliq...they have necklaces, bracelets & earrings....
Ok so you know what to do - & if you're new around here I highly recommend logging into your Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest accounts - it will make your life SO much easier! Good Luck Loves!



Anonymous said...

I have nominated you for a blog award, please check it out!


Ali said...

My favorite celeb couple was always Rob & Kristen....until she cheated. Really? I've been love Kourtney K and Scott! They're so adorb!:)

Whitney Ellen said...

I love me some Melissa!!

Whitney Ellen said...

PS. I love me some Miley and Liam... minus homegirl's new haircut that, quite frankly, scares the bajesus out of me.

Holly said...

Are there any celeb couples still together? I kid, I kid. But I'm going to say William and Kate, because they keep it classy :)

Style-Delights said...

Thanks for sharing her blog! And I cross my fingers for the giveaway! I am hosting a similar on eon my blog! Love jeweliq! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
-Jyoti from Style Delights Blog
*Giveaway* - Win a gorgeous piece of jewelry from Jeweliq

Sierra said...

It's so nice to meet you both! Following both of your blogs now. :) love the giveaway and what beautiful jewelry! Hope you have a good Monday and hopefully Tuesday will be here soon, lol! :)

Sierra said...

Oh and my favorite celeb? I love LOVE Carrie Underwood and Katy Perry. :)

Mimi said...

fave celeb couple = hands down, jennifer garner and ben affleck! they're so cute together and their kids are adorable! :D

<3, Mimi
Win 3 kinds of truffles from The Madelaine Chocolate Company! :)

Because Shanna Said So said...

I love both of you ladies!!! My fave couple is Tim McGraw & Faith Hill! I know, I am a dork! ;) Hope I win!!

My-cliffnotes said...

I like you and you're fireman! You win!


Kathrin@shopschoolsleep said...

Oh good one Shanna!! Ummm first love the blue bubble necklace and second...fave celeb couple would have to be...this is hard cuz I can't think...lets go with Lea Michele and Corey Monteith of Glee :)

Karen said...

My favorite celeb couple is Ryan G and Eva M.

Carolyn said...

my favorite celebrity couple is Guiliana &Bill!!! :)

Amanda Busch said...

Victoria and David Beckham! For the simple reason Posh was always my favorite and who doesn't love David?

jdobs87 said...

My fav celebrity couple is Rachel Weisz & Daniel Craig!

Cheng Xu said...

Will + Kate!


Amber Nicole said...

I kinda love miley and liam! I have a love/hate relationship with miley but they seem so so happy together

Janna Renee said...

I'm going to say Tim & Faith, because I actually think that they love each other!

Yuli Conversations said...

awww sweet

Jenna said...

Giuliana and Bill, hands down! I loooove them!


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