The REAL Messy Challenge

Are YOU going to enter the messy challenge?

But first - where did all this come from & how did Messy.Dirty.Hair. come to be!?

Society tries to tell us we need to be stick thin, with perfect hair & perfect makeup. Well who the hell died & made society king?! I am so sick & tired of the constant pressures there are to be a girl in today’s world. As if it weren’t already hard enough to be a girl we have society passive aggressively whispering in our ears that we need to be skinner, prettier & better.  Well that needs to stop & that’s what Messy.Dirty.Hair. is here to do.

I use to be that girl. I would wake up every morning 2 hours before I had to be at school & would shower, dry & straighten my hair stick straight, & then glob on unnecessary makeup. I don’t really know what I was trying to cover up. I did this consistently for years. In college I wasn’t as crazy about it for classes but I’d be damned if I went out to a party or bar that night without being dressed to the nines.
I could not stand the thought of a boy I was dating or even a boyfriend to see me without my makeup on. It was something I never thought I'd ever get over.

And then one day I just stopped.

It started with my hair. I was sick of taking all this extra time to do my hair & for what? It didn’t change me as a person. I was still the same Kelly with or without the straight hair.  So why was I doing it? It just started to seem dumb to me. Who was I trying to impress? If you don't like me for who I am in the inside, the way I look on the outside isn't going to change that.

So I stopped doing it. I started embracing my curly, wavy beast of a hair. At first I didn’t like it. I thought my face looked fatter with my wavy hair. It was a struggle, until one day I didn’t care anymore. I stopped doing my hair. I started washing it a lot less & let it air dry. That was the first step.

 From there I stopped wearing makeup every day. I just didn’t see the point in wasting all this time in front of the mirror trying to look perfect & for what?  Now don’t get me wrong, there are times I do like to get dressed up & put on makeup, but it isn’t something I feel I am required to do every morning.

Yes, that’s the word required. It was almost like I use to feel required to do all that stuff because if I didn’t someone would think I looked weird or say “Are you tired?” I'm sure you’ve heard that before. It’s the nice way to say you look like shit.

Well I don’t really care what society says. I am sick of conforming to the pressures of being perfect. Because you know what I realized, no matter how hard I try & no matter how much I spend I will never ever be perfect. No one will.

So today, at age 27 I can finally say & say it with pride that I have no problem going out in public without my hair done or any makeup on. It’s become a way of life for me now - embracing the mess. It’s very rewarding to not care about what I look like and still feel 100% comfortable & secure with myself to go out in public.

With Messy.Dirty.Hair. I have hopes of showing you & the generations to come that we don’t need to strive to be perfect. That it’s ok if your hair isn't sitting perfectly on your head today or if there's a small stain on your jeans, or a button is out of place. Or you left the house with a bare face. It’s okay. Be the REAL version of you. Stay true to yourself. Embrace the Mess.

What is The Messy Challenge you ask?

Go as long as you can without washing your hair & then send me a picture of you embracing the mess & let me know what day you are on...

I want to see how many of you actually can step out of your skin & embrace the imperfections in life...& with your permission I would love to blog all my lovers who embrace the mess!

Embracing the mess means NO washing your hair in the shower with water, dry shampoo is okay {if you must}...even if it’s one day no washing you are still embracing the mess!

& there will be a prize for whoever goes the longest...

So challenge accepted? I dare you....

Please send all pictures & how many days you went to MessyDirtyHair@gmail.com

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Lily said...

Totally entering

Makaila said...

I can so win this, I neeeever wash my hair! hahaha how long do we have to get you a photo?!

Simplyheather said...

Oh my gosh - I want to enter!

Anonymous said...

Totally doing this!!!!!!!!!! Fun!!!

The Pink Growl said...

Love you and your messy challengeness! You have totally inspired me to be that girl who washes her hair only every 2-3 days. I washed so much time/money on my hair before and now I just say ehh it is what it is. I need to work on the makeup one! I don't wear foundation or a lot of makeup but I do wear eyeliner everyday.

Jenna said...

I love this post! I was just like you, ALWAYS had to have my hair washed every day and do the works with my makeup. Then one day I decided I just wanted to be ME! Don't get my wrong, I love doing my hair and makeup, so I do those things often, but I'm not afraid to go out in public without makeup on or with dirty hair. I love feeling more comfortable in my own skin and loving who I am :)

Nicole Marie said...

I probably wash my hair about once a week. My dirty hair holds curl so much better too :-)
I might have to join you
I'm your newest follower from the GFC blog hop...thanks for co hosting


Michelle said...

This is something that I would love to do, but don't judge me, I love makeup and doing my hair! Oh the downsides of a corporate job :(

Jenn said...

This is seriously an amazing challenge. I am in awe of anyone that can go in public without makeup (oh gosh, I cannot believe I said that). I would have loved to participate if only I did not have scalp issues. I cannot wait to see how long other people go though.

Stopping by from the blog hop and new follower.

Unknown said...

Hi! I'm your newest follower from the hop and look forward to connecting with you!


Anonymous said...

I love this challenge! I will definitely participate as much as I can :D
BUT, I work for a fitness place and am constantly working up a sweat and getting gross.. so I definitely won't be winning the challenge!

emi said...

Ha, I already can tell we are meant to be friends from the name of your blog and this post...clean hair is overrated! love your blog and can't wait to do the challenge. i'm your newest follower! follow along at chaseandem.blogspot.com XO

Jen said...

This challenge is an awesome idea! :)

Naptime Review said...

Thanks for hosting GFC hop! Love for you to stop by Naptime Review and return the follow. I am hosting Like Me on Facebook later tonight!

Julie @ Naptime Review

Anonymous said...

I love this! I don't do my hair anymore...I've kind of just stopped. I put my hair up in a bun at night and take it down when I wake up.

Here's too not washing my hair.



Dash Interiors said...

I am obsessed with your blog name and theme!! So happy I found you!! Found ya on the GFC. Please follow back if you get a chace :).

My-cliffnotes said...

I promise to go longer than 4 days this time!

Sarah said...

I think your hair is just gorgeous when it's wavy (and also when it's straight)!

Chelsea said...

What a fun idea. I agree with you that society has an idea of what we should look like, including a need for a tan. Y'all know how I feel about that one........

You rock, lady! Embrace it!

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness. I can definitely participate in this challenge. Last week I went four days without washing my hair. I could have greased a squeaky door. haha

Erin Redmond said...

Hi there new follower from the GFC. I def can be a part of the messy challenge! Look forward to reading more!


Holly said...

Found you on the GFC hop. Can't wait to read more!

Your newest follower,

Because Shanna Said So said...

You are truly a role model my friend!!! I wish I could be as brave as you and be as comfortable with myself. I honestly still can't leave the house without makeup on. I guess that is how I was raised. But you are right, beauty comes from within and that's how we should all be viewed...from our inner beauty! Kudos to you!!! xoxo

Rachel said...

I tend to consider myself pretty "natural" as far as hairstyling and makeup is concerned. I don't own a blowdryer--my curling iron's over ten years old and I'm not sure where it is at the moment...and most days the only makeup I wear is bright lipstick because I love bright lipstick.
But the one thing I do is wash my hair nearly every day! :P I don't like the feeling of greasy hair on my face and I keep my hair too short to put in a ponytail. We all have our flaws...

Kristen said...

cool post! i usually wash my hair only 2x a week and it's so nice not to have to wash it all the time

Janna Renee said...

You know I'm all about it!! I went seven days last week and will prob go five or six this week! I'll send you a picture ;)

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