he's just not that into you

happy Sunday loves! so last night I attended an event at Nordstrom. If you haven't heard yet, the British brand TOPSHOP is now being sold in Nordstrom...& OMG its fabulous! They really went all out for the event! The clothes & accessories are so fun & funky! I can't wait to show you everything next week!
Soooo it is so freaking hott right now in the OC - we are reaching degrees of over 100...& to be honest we did not have this hott weather at all June & July...& then it slowly started to come in August & now I feel like we're in full blown summer mood! so you can imagine how upset I am that I haven't been able to wear any of my fall clothes....i mean I could but then I would probably loose 5 pounds from just sweating because I'm literally dying here....sweat is literally dropping off my body as I write this....but thank god I'm off to the beach today!! then to do a little birthday shopping for the sissy at my fav store...beach + shopping = perfect Sunday!
so today I am linking up with Ashley & Neely for Social Sunday! This weeks questions don't really have a theme but i still thought they were interesting so let's get social!
1.) 5 Items you can't live without on a daily basis (water, food, shelter, & clothes don't count)
-My EOS chap stick...literally the moment I realize I have forgotten my chap stick my lips become instantly chapped...& thank you Brie for introducing me to this wonderful chap stick!
-My deodorant & perfume...i have the worst fear of smelling bad
-Sadly my iPhone - I hate saying that because I wish I wasn't so depended on my phone but everything - work, blog, life goes on through my phone so I need it
remember the old cell phones - classic!...& I'm still obsessed with Zach Morris - via
-my music - whether it be in the car while driving, or at work in the office. i ALWAYS have my music going...one of my absolute favorite Pandora stations is Hall & Oats - try it...you can thank me later
- my TV - gotta have my tv shows


2.) All time favorite book? Why?
'He's Just Not that into You' - & here's why - it's dead on. There are so many girls who LOVE to make excuses for guys & reasons why he may not call or not want to be in a relationship...but here's a secret ---> guys aren't as complicated as you think. actually they're not complicated at all. if they want to call you they will. if they want to text you they will. if they want to see you they will. they're not dumb, like most girls like to think...they know exactly what they're doing & know exactly what to say to keep you still hanging around.
i use to read this book over & over in college...but yet I never followed what it said. i always had some excuse...but once i finally did things changed...so listen - if he likes you trust me you will know. you will NOT have to doubt yourself....now if you are doubting yourself then guess what - he's just not that into you. period. 
3.) Something you'd like to accomplish before the end of 2012?
Getting at least one of my credit cards paid off completely....& for the first time I can actually say I'm making a dent in them...are you proud Janna?!
 4.) If you could go back & relive any year of your life which year would it be?
My last year in San Diego {2008} - it was such a perfect year. I was finishing up my degree at SDSU, I lived RIGHT by the beach in PB, my studio apartment was so cozy & adorable & the BF got to live with me for a few months during the summer while he was transiting from norcal to socal. We had so much fun exploring San Diego together. One of my favorite things was our mornings on the weekend - we always went to our same breakfast place, had the same thing & walked the boardwalk. San Diego will always be a great memory for us.
 5.) What do you wish people knew about you without you having to tell them?
I give GREAT advice...really, I have references....& even though it may come off that I have a very hard exterior, the truth is inside, I have a huge generous heart...I've just been hurt too many times by friends & boys that sometimes its hard to bring it out right away. I have to be very weary...but I'm sure a lot of you have the same feelings...its tough being a girl

and just one more thing - if anyone ever needs boy or relationship advice please don't hesitate to email me - you can even be anonymous. I literally feel like an expert in guys & relationships so let me help, I WANT to help! - but be pre-warned I'll give it to you straight - no sugar coating. Again feel free to email me about anything -----> MessyDirtyHair@gmail.com

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Hillary said...

I saw the movie He's Just Not That Into You. I will definitely add that to my list.

Amber said...

So I am thinking you must start a dating advice dealio every week. I would love it! I loved that book and movie! I have a girlfriend who believed a guy she was talking to when he told her the reason he hadn't called in a week was because he lost her number!! Ummmm. just no. I call bullshit.

Ali said...

I LOVE my eos lip balm! Debt Free, wouldn't that be great?! Happy Sunday Kelly :)

Dani @ Wine Cheese and All The Things said...

Love these answers! And I am sooooo dependent on my phone too. My mom doesn't get it, and can't understand why it needs to be attached to me. The only problem I have is that I really don't want to teach my son to be attached to things like that, so I've been trying really hard to leave it be more during the day.
Happy Sunday! XoXo

Megan B.B. said...

I love He's Just Not that Into You. I also love the book, "Why Men Love Bitches", SUCH good advice. I bought it for a friend of mine who was classically sleeping with dudes after the first hang out (not even a date, yo. Like, a drink, at a bar. Not a date) and she landed a husband after reading it. It changed her.
And to answer your question: No, I don't do the threading myself. I have it done. Every other week, because I am a hairy mofo.
And, I lived in SD from 2003-2010. I miss it with all my heart. :) It will always be "home" to me.

The Pretty Pinhead said...

I've wanted to try this chapstick (as if my collection isn't big enough) You can never have enough chapstick. Totally with you on the deodorant, chapstick and iPhone. Those are 3 of my 5 essentials too :)

Brooke said...

He is just not that into you: That book changed my life, many years ago! It is so true! =)

Gonna have to try that chapstick!



Anonymous said...

Music was on my top 5 too, sadly I cannot use Pandora here in Sweden but I am obsessed with Spotify so I guess it evens out!

Hailey Stoner said...

That is an awesome book and CONGRATS on making a dent in your debt. That is awesome, Way to GO!

Whitney Ellen said...

OHMYLANTAAAAA, baby twinnie and baby twinnie's bf. I DIE!
Oh, and you really do give fab advice. I know because you are my twinnie. And because you listen to my bitchbitchbitch.

I wonder who you are introducing tomorrow?? I bet she's a gem and a half.

PS. I NEVER go on blogs on Sunday. I hope you realize how much I lurrrrve you.

Unknown said...

Haven't read that book, but I want to! I want to try that chapstick out too, I've seen so many people with it & they all love it!

Kristen said...

i hear so much about that chapstick, but have yet to try it

Brie said...

I love that chapstick but I sadly always forget it in the car and it melts in like two seconds! Zack Morris was my dream guy when I was younger....maybe this is explains what type of guy I usually go after...hmmm....

Newest follower from Sunday Social!

Anonymous said...

Great blog and advice Kelly. And I must say u learned from the best hehe

Whitney@SomethingBroughtYouHere said...

I am obsessed with Chapstick too so I will def have to try out that EOS chapstick!

Jenna said...

Ahhhhh I can't wait to see this months Messy Project!!! And EOS Chapstick is amazing. It's always in my purse! I need another one for my bedside table!

Jen said...

I absolutely love that book, I know so many girls who need to read it.

Meg said...

I haven't read that book, but I feel like I just have to! And by the way? My eos is my best friend, I totally understand where you're coming from ;)


Anonymous said...

love this list! i need to try that eos chapstick!! xo cute blog too!

Jan said...

Oooh! Now I really want to download He's Just not the Into You!!!


smug princess said...

I had a feeling I'd see a lot of iPhones on the list today. =P

The Sweetest Thing said...

So glad you made the point about girls making excuses... and how guys aren't that complicated! SO true!

Unknown said...

You're so right about that book. I loved reading it forever ago. Life changing!


I love your posts. I may not always comment.. but I enjoy reading them!! Love this post too!! If you come back to SD anytime soon, you should let me know so we can meet up! I'd love to meet you in person!

Janna Renee said...

Proud is an understatement! You go girl! Oh, and I TOTALLY agree on your dating advice and that guys aren't hard to figure out...if you think he doesn't like you, then he doesn't. If he does you will know! You KNOW that I would go straight to you if I ever needed advice ;) I come to you for EVERYTHING!! Can't wait for the Messy Project!!!!! PS. I went from Sunday to Sunday without washing my hair!

Jessica said...

Girl, SO agree with the 'He's Just Not That Into You' book. It's spot on. I have girlfriends that I just wish would read that book and take it to heart!

Daniela said...

I love my EOS too! Everyone seems to think it's so weird though...it's just chap stick ! lol

My-cliffnotes said...

I love that Chapstick!

Zack, live him and his cellular :)


Makaila said...

ohmylord, my kiddo has that EXACT replica of Zack's cellular cause he is OBSESSED with him! hahahaha

Thomas Mundell said...

I love this post, especially the part about me lol . Actually I like it because I have a fear of smelling bad also hahahahahah and my fav book is he's just not that in to you. And why men love bitches hahahahaha.

BeaumontGirl said...

Great post :) I'll have to read the book I've only seen the movie. Following you from the hop girly!!


Raven said...

I LOVE that Hes Just Not That Into You book. More women need to read it and like I always say, if a guy REALLY likes a girl? He will bang down the door with his bare hands to get to her. Too many stupid girls chase after boys when they are just using them. So good post!

Renee Arianna said...

Apparently I need to invest in this book! :) Recently went through a breakup and I forgot how hard that shit is. I love that you offer yourself for advice. You should make the people anonymous and share the questions and your advice with us all here! I would like that.

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