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happy Friday lovers!! wahoo we've finally reached the weekend! so we have a mystery pee-er in our house...let me back up a little ----> dolce my cat is known to be a little shit & pee around the house when she's in a bad mood...she knows exactly what she's doing & it drives both my mom & I crazy. At first we thought something was wrong with her so I took her in & after many many test & so much $$$, it turns out nothing is wrong with her, its a behavior issue...that little shit....So Dolce has her usual pee places - my bathroom floor rug, the drapes hanging in the living room, the bed dust rufifle in the guest room - always in some type of corner. Butttttt these past few days things have changed.

It all started when I was about to go to bed, I was shutting the hall light off when i saw a HUGE & I mean HUGE pile of pee right in the middle of the hallway....I didn't think it was dolce because it really was a lot of pee, it wasn't her usual spot - plus we have 2 dogs who have had accidents in the past. Nonetheless, I cleaned it up went to bed.

A day passed - i woke up Thursday morning & was laying in bed with Maxx & Lucy...my bedroom door was open - dolce had been out & about along with the other cats. Maxx jumped off the bed to roll around on the carpet - i literally turned my head for a second to give Lucy some love & when i turned back around there was a huge pile of pee in the middle of my room! I looked at Maxx & I looked for Dolce. Everyone was in sight. I had no idea who did it.....-------> fast forward to Thursday night after work...i had stopped to pick up some things at the store and had two bags - one full of crap I really didn't need to buy & the other was my milk. So when i walked into the house the alarm was going off so I dropped the big bag of stuff right by the front door - ran to shut of the alarm off, then ran to put the milk in the fridge, so I come back to get my big bag of stuff & someone had peed alllllllllll over my bag of stuff...yes some of it was ruined! Of course everyone was around so I couldn't pin point what animal did it...but again it was a lot of pee.

so that brings me back to my original statement...we have a mystery pee-er in the house & ill be damned if I have to clean up another pile of pee --- my gut is telling me it's Dolce being Dolce but the placement & the amount is throwing me off....soooo it looks like we're gonna need to do some detective work & investigate this mystery pee-er....so um, any ideas as to how to catch this mystery pee-er in the act?!


okay so today I have some lovely girls I want you to meet - I've gotten to know all of them & they're all SO much fun! They each have great lifestyle blogs that dabble in fashion, DIY, life, cooking, crafting & more! If you don't know these girls yet - get to know them! PLUS  they're giving away some pretty fabulous stuff! So without further ado meet my
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Hello Messy readers! I am so excited to introduce myself to you! I'm Jessica- the voice behind Chic Sugar. I finally started my blog a few months ago after wanting to for the longest time. Chic Sugar started as a way for me to share my love for desserts and cake decorating, and has evolved into a lifestyle blog with a splash of sugar! Come for the desserts, and stay for the style, design, and a splash of sarcasm!.

 I'm obsessed with drinking a nice glass of wine & reading a good book, reality TV & my two amazing puppies. I'm not a newlywed but I love being married, so the wonderful husband will make an appearance now and then! Basically Scribble-N-Dash is my outlet to share my journey through this crazy life. Hope to see you soon!
Hi there lovelies! I'm Kristine! Over at my casa I share and document my attempts at being a fun mom and wifey, being "fashionable", and our big and not so big adventures. When I'm not blogging, I'm busy making pretties for my Etsy store J&M's Eye Candy Shoppe. I believe if you're not loving and laughing you're not living baby! If that sounds like your cup o' tea then come on over to our place and introduce yourself. We might not agree on everything, but we can still be friends, I promise! Holla!
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 Well, hello ladies! I'm Jenna and I blog over at Yours Truly, a lifestyle blog all about my daily ramblings and latest obsessions. I'm a 23 year old Social Worker turned Toddler Teacher. I love fashion. I have an addiction to beauty and hair products and should probably be given an intervention for my shopping habits. I own way too many purses, boots, and scarves. I often have a hold on my debit card because I've spent too much money. Sounds like a typical girl, huh? Come on over to my blog and follow along with my random ramblings and latest obsessions... I love new friends!
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Soooo who's the lucky person to win all of this?!?! GOOD LUCK!


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Jenstar_Blonde said...

I really hope you find out who the mystery pee-er is!! animals can be really funny at times, you should put up a little camera to try and catch them in the act!!! Although i dont think it is dolce cause why would she be peeing in such a large amount? Hope you catch them!! hehe

Jen xxx

Marisa said...

That's so crazy! I think you need to get some galoshes to wear around the house. Lol! Maybe keep an eye out for which one is powering up at the water dish. Good luck! xoxo

TheTinyHeart said...

Tall Mocha if it's cold out or tall iced mocha if it's hot out!

The Tiny Heart
Enter my scarf giveaway! (open internationally)

Scribble-N-Dash said...

I hope you find your mystery pee-er!!! Maybe separate them in different spaces for a while & see if any of them pee while alone?!? Maybe then you can catch the culprit.

<3 Melissa

P.S. Love this giveaway!!

Karen said...

I love hot chocolates in the winter and mocha fraps in the summer :)

Amber said...

Hahaha, the mystery pee-er! I hate you're having to deal with that, but the story is funny :)

Brittany Dawn said...

I hope you figure out which pet is leaving you unwanted presents!

My all time favorite Starbucks drink is the caramel mochiato!

Dreams Do Come True said...

Tazo Passion Brewed Tea with a splash of lemon


Tere Shake said...

oh my. we never know which of our dogs is the mystery pee-er. and you cant yell at either of them because then what if it wasnt them? i would feel so bad. I hope you can catch the culprit! set up a video camera!

My fav drink (that i am addicted to and have to have one every work day of the week, literally. its breaking my bank account) is Iced Venti Caramel Machiato. They know me by name there, and i always have exact change. sometimes i go back for a second cup at lunch and get the special for coming back 2x in one day.


My-cliffnotes said...

I get sweetened iced black tea, YUM a dum dum.

So who the F is peeing all over your house, no bueno pups and kits. Do you have a nanny cam? Or maybe a camcorder you could set up and see who is doing it?


Ashley said...

My money is on Dolce. Our cat Hobie does the same thing. If he gets made at us, he will look right at us while he is peeing in something (he prefers containers, like my luggage's toiletry bag or his modular kitty cube tower). It is so annoying! No one can tell me that animals don't have feelings, including revenge!

Kasey said...

fave drinks are White Mocha, Peppermint White Mocha and the Pumpkin Spice Latte!!

Because Shanna Said So said...

And this is the very reason why all we have are fish!!! ;) Some little animal is going to be in BIG trouble with Momma!! Hope you find out who the mystery pee-er is! LOL!

A Little Piece of Me said...

My usual is iced mocha or iced chai latte :)

Andrea @ Love is... said...

Oh no fun with all the pee business! Hope you get it figured out soon!

My usual is a lite mocha frap!

Chicago Chic said...

OMG, really want to win this one! :) My favorite drink is Salted Carmel Mocha, especially with Fall/Winter coming up!! Oh I can't wait :) I like the iced version too!

Rachel Jensen
PS. Too funny about your cat peeing! lol

Lissy Moore@Moorepinkplease.com said...

I love how supportive you are of new bloggers. :)

Mia @ The Chronicles of Chaos said...

Oh my goodness, your cat is too funny.

And my fave drink at Starbucks is a grande extra hot mocha. :)

Lyzz said...

Skinny vanilla latte, iced or hot!

Ali said...

Strawberries and Cream is my fav!

Janna Renee said...

I love the Passion Fruit Tea, but if I want to splurge I get the Grean Tea Frappe ;)

Chelsea Olivia said...

I usually get a mint java chip frappe, sometimes a passionfruit tea lemonade blended!

Hilary said...

OMG that's awful! Haha...sorry I'm laughing. I have a cat pee story - Ry and I got in bed one night after we'd had a party and immediately I started yelling at him... OMG YOU ASSHOLE you peed the bed!!! He was drunk, so he actually thought he might have - and I was quite concerned that he had no idea. Long story short, the cat had been locked out of his litter box, jumped in bed with us, peed on the bed to let us know, and framed my hubby. We figured it all out when it smelled like ammonia... needless to say, my hubs always talks about the cat framing him. ;)

Brittany T. said...

now that is fall is here, i'll be getting a peppermint mocha frap! yum! awesome giveaway!

elise said...

this is an awesome give away! chai tea please! :)

ashley said...

I don't go to starbucks offten enough to have a regular drink. Last time I got a Java chip frapp!

Michelle said...

I usually get a strawberry frapp!

Christine Rosko said...

I normally just get a grande nonfat latte but if I could spend double the price I'd get a pumpkin spice every single day!

Cramer Coffee and Jesus said...

this time of the year my usual is.....wait for it.....pumpkin spice latte, OF COURSE!

Cramer Coffee and Jesus said...

I have seriously never entered this many entries in a giveaway...that's how bad I want to win...hahaha. when will you announce?!

Kelly said...

How did I miss this? MAJOR sad face :(

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