pretty DRASTIC changes

so this weekend flew by....but I am pretty sure today is a holiday for a few of you...its presidents day so hopefully you are enjoying an extra day off! My day will be spent blog designing & getting ready for class tomorrow! 

so we had beautiful weather this weekend...it was 80 degrees on Saturday. 

i know i say it all the time, but i seriously feel so blessed to live where I do...i couldn't even imagine living anywhere else.....ever.

butttt that doesn't mean I don't like to travel. There are still SO many places I still want to go to...DisneyWorld, Italy, Greece, Amsterdam, Australia.....just to name a few....the BF has already traveled a lot of the world so I am excited for when we do start traveling I will already have a tour guide....but since traveling isn't anywhere in my near future, thankfully I can live vigorously though this fabulous blogger while she embarks on her travels. 

When I first started reading her blog she was living in my neck of the woods about an hour away is sunny San Diego....it was always a fun & silly read, I really enjoy her outlook on life....but then  things suddenly changed.....its really amazing what drastic changes she went through....its defiantly something I don't think I could ever do which is why I think she's so cool....so without further ado meet the funny & adventurous

Well hello there Dirty Girls! ...Wait, that sounds bad.

Let me say that again. Hi there Messy Girls!
Better? Sort of. Okay, moving on.

My name is Michelle (or Mish). And that right there is my main man V Dizzle.

Together we have quit our day jobs, sold everything we own, and I mean everything, and now we're off galavanting around the world.

We just got done living for a month in Thailand, so it's safe to say if you were to head over to my blog right now, you'd probably see a lot of talk about lady boys, which, in my opinion, can never be talked about enough.

As of now, we're continuing our travels around Southeast Asia for the next two months, just taking it day by day.

It's crazy, it's exciting, and dare I say it's...Messy? {see what I did there?}

Happy to meet you and I look forward to getting to know you more!


This or That 
asked by MessyDirtyHair
answered by Mish Lovin' Life

Summer or Winter: Summer by a long shot!

Super Rich but Dumb or Super Smart & Poor: Can you imagine if I actually said "Super Rich, but Dumb"? I'll go with the latter, please.

Vodka or Tequila: I almost vomited just thinking about the two...BUT, I suppose I'll have to say Vodka.

Long Hair or Short Hair: Looonnnggg

TV or Movies: Ooh, that's a tough one. I guess I'll have to go with movies.

Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds: Gosling. But definitely 'yum' to both.

Thong or Booty Shorts: Boo-tay

Golden Globes or The Oscars: Oscars

Ellen or Oprah: I've always said that if I was a lesbian, I'd want to marry Ellen. But, I also have said that when I get a dog, I want to name her Oprah. And I mean that in the most respectful way, of course. So can I pick both?

Dogs or Cats: Dogs rule, cats drool.

Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood: Oh boy...would you hate me if I said neither?

isn't she so fun?!.....do you think you have the guts to just sell everything & travel the world? i think it is such an inspiring thing to do...life is so short & we get so caught up in our everyday lives that life just passes us by...it sucks we can't all just take a break from reality & enjoy the life we were given....sooo because Michelle is super awesome she is giving you dirty, i mean messy girls a chance to win a $15 Amazon Giftcard & Ad Space!!!!

good luck lovers!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

#TheMessyProject is LIVE in 3 Days!!!!!!!!! 

Also - alllll my sponsor options have been changed...& to celebrate the big change I am offering $5 off any ad using the promo code - HAPPY - join the mess & sponsor someone who is focused on YOUR blog success, not theirs ---->




Anonymous said...

The Sedlec Ossuary in Czech

Kait said...

We're in the process of booking our honeymoon..so Tahiti!

Deanna @The Peony Princess said...

I would want to go back to Italy and explore the places I didn't before!

Kelly said...

I can not believe how warm it was there - jealous! I am already planning my trip to Australia next year and I am SUPER excited about it!

Sparkles and Shoes

Rima said...

well i'm leaving in 3 weeks to Barcelona for a Champions League game (boyfriend is a soccer freak) and Paris for me to take a baking class. you know, we compensate with our wants and needs. hahaha...

Unknown said...

If you go to Italy make sure to go to Naples ( I lived there for six years and has the best pizza---no I'm not biased.) ;) Also recommend Capri, Ischia, Sorrento, and Lucca in Italy.

Bonnie Rose
The Compass Rose

Ashley said...

i would love to go somewhere warm right this second. Fiji has always been on my travel list, wish I was there.

Unknown said...

oh I would love to go to New Zealand right now.

Myranda said...

I would go to Italy

Jen said...

I would love to visit Italy!

CeCe said...

We went to France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands last year so next year we are planning Greece!! Once I get that place off my list anything else would just be a bonus!

Anonymous said...

Happy Monday!!! I'm so glad it's President's Day and I had the day off.

Lara said...

I'd head to Iceland for some Blue Lagooning and northern lights action!

Natalie said...

I am envious that it is so warm where you are!


SH said...

I would love to go somewhere tropical - get my tan on :)

The Hartungs Blog

Karrie said...

NYC to see my bf

Amy Charming said...

Either back to Hawaii with my husband. Or somewhere completely new, like Greece! I've always wanted to go to Greece! :)

Justine B said...

If I could go anywhere right now....money was no object....I'd definitely go somewhere tropical! Maybe Bora Bora? Or Thailand? Or somewhere in the Bahamas? Ah.... all I want is sandy blue beaches, palm trees and hamocks!

Lily said...

80 degrees? Now that's just not fair.

Lulu and Sweet Pea said...

Somewhere warm & tropical! Hawaii or something...anywhere with a beach sounds and sunshine sounds lovely.

Janna Renee said...

Oh wow...I haven't visited her blog lately, so I'm going to need to check this out. How amazing!

Ahem...you didn't have Colorado on your list of travels.

Unknown said...

If I could travel anywhere right now it would be to Cali to be with my boyfriend! I get to go in 10 days though so I guess I'll be alright to wait lol

melis said...

i would go to italy or paris!!


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