that girl...

ahh i am so excited! 
why you ask...
well #TheMessyProject is TOMORROW & I am just super excited about how fabulous the girls did - they had a challenge this month & they all went above & beyond...but you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see..
so until then I am linking up with my aaamazing pen pal Holly of Running in Stilettos for her one time linkup "I'm the Kinda Girl Who" - 

wishes I could adopt all the homeless animals
wears sweats & no makeup to the store...always
buys her BF beer for no reason

will always want moms advice
still has those high school insecurities
watches episodes of How I Met Your Mother over & over & over & over again
has more black in her closet than color

doesn't follow the crowd
never stops listening to music
will always be a kid
loves to sleep all day

 link up with Holly today & join the fun...what kinda girl are you?

and speaking of girls -- i have a girl here today whom I adore. You may remember me mentioning her before over here on le blog because she is a blogger I have been following from the very beginning. But besides that she was the first blogger who I reached out to that actually wrote me back when I had a few quick questions...& she was as sweet as can be & since then I have followed her since I started blogging almost 1 year ago....SO i know you will just love her too. Besides being so down to earth, she has such a fun sense of style & writes from the heart....oh & did I mention its WEDDING week on her blog?!?

....& even better she is sharing her TOP 3 BEST Blogging Advice....so without further ado meet the beautiful

Hey, hey, hey!  I'm Sarah and I write over at Coming Unstitched.  It's my little space where I share my personal style (when I'm not wearing pajamas that is), my love for design, and advice/inspiration for your wardrobe!  I have just wrapped up doing a 30x30x30 challenge (which by the way, is kind of terrible so I don't recommend it- you'll miss your other clothes way too much) and this week I'm sharing alllllllllll about my recent wedding.  Which means you get to see way too many pictures of my face- and my adorable husband's.  When I'm not being obsessive with my blog or working full time, you can also find me writing a fashion column for my local newspaper, or working with clients in my new Etsy shop.  Clearly I don't have enough to do in my life.

Now that I've been blogging about a year and a half, I'm obviously an expert on the whole thing (this is definitely a joke- is ANYONE an expert on blogging?!) my best advice for you is this:

 Be kind.  First and foremost you must realize that people are putting themselves out there on their blog so there is no point in leaving rude comments.  If you don't like something, just move on.  And if someone comes to you for help, HELP THEM as best you can.  We're all very busy but there is a reason that this person is reaching out to you and usually it takes a lot of guts to do so.

  Leave THOUGHTFUL comments.  I love, love, love finding great new blogs and let's face it, there are a ton of them out there.  If someone leaves me a nice comment, 99% of the time I'm going to go to their blog and check it out.  But if all you leave is a "Great post, would you like to follow each other?" or "I'm following you, come follow me back", chances are I'm not coming to visit.  I put a lot of time into my posts (as I'm sure you do) so acknowledging that you actually read it is more important to me.

 Keep evolving.  When I first started out, I never did outfit posts.  As someone who works from home I'm usually in pajamas and you can't really launch a style blog with pajamas (or maybe you can- and it might just be the best blog ever!).  But the few times I did post an outfit, people LOVED it.  So over the year I've evolved once I've seen what my readers respond to.  I will always post what I love, but my readers are the ones giving me the opportunity to do so and the ones that keep coming back.  I want to keep them interested.  So change it up, introduce a new series, do something out of your comfort zone.  Just keep your readers coming back for more.

I hope that you'll come visit me- there are plenty of ways to say hi:


Let's be friends!

& thank you Sarah for that wonderful blog advice....i don't think it matters how long you have been blogging - 5 years or 5 months everyone can learn new things in the blogging world.
SO today Sarah is giving away a $25 Target Gift Card!!!!! don't I have the BEST sponsors?! 
 & be sure to say hello to Sarah - she is currently have WEDDING week on her blog & if you're as obsessed with weddings as I am you'll love what's going on!
good luck lovers!!!

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My-cliffnotes said...

Yay for the messy project!
I also love the advice, keep evolving is great advice.


Nikki said...

I always ask my moms advice too!

P!nky said...

I have more pink in my closet than anything else.

I watched episodes of NCIS over and over again.

Fun linkup!

Katie said...

I seriously wish I could adopt every homeless animal as well!! And I totally am that girl that is running Saturday/Sunday errands in sweats and no makeup!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see what's in store for tomorrow!!

Holly said...

Thank you so so so much for linking up today!! You rock my socks, woman! Love you tons and loved your list! We need to meet in person and be friend in real life ASAP!! Can't wait to see the Messy Project reveal tomorrow!!

Lily said...

I'm TOTALLY linking up!

Erin said...

Black, white, tan, and grey. That'd be my closet.

Kelly said...

I love black and mom advice, haha, too funny - loved this post!

Sparkles and Shoes

Heather said...

Amen to sweats and no makeup! I'm like this 70% of the time :)

Pearls & Paws

Kathrin@shopschoolsleep said...

Haha "when they make a darker color" than black!! So funny!! I am forbidden to take in any more animals (we only have 2 cats haha) at least until we get a house...at least that's what I tell myself...and I am absolutely forbidden to watch the Sarah Maclaughlin ASAPCA commercial or Animal Planet...I want to rescue all animals...except spiders and snakes...those are not pets!!

Anonymous said...

I loved this link up. I found I have a lot in common with a lot of my bloggy friends. I have WAY more black than color, I would hoard animals from shelters if I could afford to and if it wasn't frowned upon, I listen to music all day long.

Happy Wednesday!

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I wish I could adopt all the homeless animals too! It breaks my heart that there are people out there that don't love animals like us animal lovers :-)

Janna Renee said...

I wish I'd have known about this link up sooner! I already knew most of these things about you, but that's because of our special relationship ;) BEAUTIFUL picture of you!

Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

Kel!!! Love that pic of you!!! Onr of my favs beautiful!! After reading your list... Confirms we are #soulsisters #loveyou

SH said...

I also still love my mother's advice! I don't think that will ever change. My fingers are crossed for that giveaway!

The Hartungs Blog

Rachel said...

I still ask for my Mom's advice all the time!

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