that one time i wore a bib

happy February!! I am SO happy January is over..it's such a blah month & coming up on the 23rd  is my 1 year Blog Anniversary...crazy right?! well boy do I have a special celebration for you guys that day but you'll have to wait.....so before I get into Fearless Fashion I wanted to reveal the NEW logo for #TheMessyProject - so you know when you invision something & when you see it on paper it's literally what you pictured...well with help from Didi Fox that vision became true....i wanted to create the most perfect logo to match what #TheMessyProject is.......sooo drum roll pleaseeeee

ahhhhh is it not the most beautiful thing ever?! And yes, that is me on the left with the hippy headband....& as you can see all 5 of the girls are wearing a chambray jean shirt , each styled in a different way....just pure perfection....so GRAB one for your sidebar! Doesn't matter if you participated in a project or not, spread the lala loveeee

moving on...we are back with another edition of Fearless Friday Fashion! 

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so you know when you were a little baby & your parents put you in bibs while you ate to protect your clothes from any food you might spill...well today i'm here to talk about another type of bib....goes in the same place, just has a different usage. 

im talking about BIB necklaces....not your typical babble statement necklace that everybody in their mothers owns...still haven't jumped that trend yet....what i'm talking about is huge, thick, BIG bib necklaces - see below

it is such a fun trend & something you don't see very often....unlike the babble necklace its a lot thicker & can have many different types of jewels, beads, chains etc. When wearing a bib necklace you have to dress around it because it is such a huge statement piece. Personally, I would pair it with something very plain so that the necklace was the main feature of my outfit. 
Would you try the bib trend? Yes? You really want too but can't seem to find the PERFECT bib? 
Well you're in luck! 
do you know this beauty?

well for those of you who don't this is Sarah & she writes a freaking HILARIOUS blog over at Hot Mess Mommie but that's not all she does...she's also a Stella & Dot Stylist & we've come together today for a fabulous

.....and I already did all the word for you & found some FABULOUS bib necklaces that I thought would be perfect to try for Fearless Fashion Friday!

Aren't they gorgeous?! I know you all know how great the Stella & Dot jewelry is & what a HUGE variety of stuff they have...so here's the deal since this a trunk show - 

If you spend $50, they can receive these items at 50% off!
• Lillith Fringe Necklace
• Secret Garden Cluster Necklace
• Secret Garden Cuff
• Secret Gareden Earrings
• Starstruck Ring

When you spend a minimum of $50 retail at a Trunk Show,
you have the exclusive opportunity to purchase our Haute & Bold
New Romantics at 50% off.
BUT to get these special deals you have to purchase your stuff through this link ----->


so look around, say hi to sarah & get yourself some pretty jewels....& if you do purchase anything from this trunk show, send me a picture of you wearing it & I will feature you next Friday for Fearless Fashion. 
coming up next week...another fabulous giveaway from my favorite boutique - Lincoln Street & this giveaway is perfect for getting you started on your summer wardrobe.
oh ya it's February 1st...wanna be a Messy Girl? you can do so HERE 
...TGIF lovers


The High Heeled Brunette said...

The new Messy Project logo is AMAZING!! I'm in LOVE! So fabulous just like you! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Kelly!!! I LOVE the new logo! it's gorgeous and so much more in tune with the project!

And you know how I adore a good statement necklace. I haven't branched into bibs yet...but I will!

Kelly said...

Haha, I love how we both did a post about it this week!

Sparkles and Shoes

Janna Renee said...

Aaaaggghhhh I love the new design! You are so creative, love. I can't wait until I get to participate again ;) I love bib necklaces too. I have one, but haven't gotten to wear it yet!

Jen said...

I LOVE the new design, it's perfect. :)

Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

The new button LOVE! And also love the bibs! BEAUTIFUL! I don't own any Stella and Dot... yet! Thanks for sharing and hosting Kel! XOXO

Nikki said...

Kelly!! That logo is AMAZEBALLS - I'm obsessed with it! I seriously may need her to draw up something for my blog because I'm so in love with it!! Can't wait to be a part of it :)
Nikki at www.bedazzlesafterdark.com

Blaire Wears said...

It's so fab

Jessica Who? said...

i know i already told u.. but seriously i LOVE LOVE LOVE the new logo!!! seriously obsessed!!! i think u need one for the mini project too ;)

Holly said...

Love that logo!! I want to be the one standing be side you or the one on the far right. Might just be the brown hair...anyway, it's perfect for the Messy Project!! xoxo

Unknown said...

Love the new design. Looks fabulous! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. xo.

EmilyFinta said...

The logo is amazing! Are they supposed to look like anyone or are they just random?

kendall casey said...

LOVE the logo kell!! its so perfect! your blog has come such a far way and im so proud of you!! and fyi, looking at your blog abroad is even more fab because everything around it in my browser is automatically written in French. hahaha <3

Myranda said...

The new Messy Project logo is freaking amazing! I LOVE it! Awesome job
I am visiting from the Foley Fam

Unknown said...

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