hello loves.....things are CRAZY right now with finals so sorry if I seem to be MIA lately....I can't believe we are almost through the month of May?! Just insanity! But I am SO ready for summer!

 SO I always see those 'Currently' posts around Blogland of things people are 'currently' liking at the time.....& since I have a few things that I happen to be OBSESSING over right now I thought I'd play too.....SO I am currently obsessing over

one. Snap Chat.....I cannot get enough of this fun & silly iphone app

two. Flower Crowns....duh

three. 'Stay' by Rihanna....one of the most beautiful songs ever

four. Dark Tanned Skin....its officially summer here...& i've already got my base!


five. Coke in Can....there is nothing more refreshing than a nice coke in a can

six. These Heels...i just need to find the perfect pair


seven.  48hrs/Dateline.....who am I kidding thats an always

eight. OMBRE everything....seriously its everywhere


nine. Long dresses....its my must have for the summer

ten. this picture --->> could this be any more perfect?!

What are you Currently Obsessing Over right now?

& now moving onto a very cool blogger who has some fab fashion tips for you today! She writes a fun fashion blog which focuses on finding a deal....something we all love. She also does really cool youtube videos with DIY fashion! Her latest one she taught us how to add lace to your jean shorts....so fun! SO without further ado...meet

Hey Everyone!! My name is Jenelle and I'm a DIY fashion blogger over at Nelle Creations.

 photo DSC_0184_zps90796809.jpg Shirt: Guess | Jeans: Levis via Marshalls | Flats: Call It Spring | Bag: Winners | Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren  

I'm so excited to be sponsoring this month with Messy Dirty Hair as I love Kelly's blog. My blog consists of a lot of DIY tutorials and daily fashion posts so if you like either of those I hope you can come and check it out.

 photo DSC_0182_zpse4db30b1.jpg

About me:
I love all things fashion Marshalls & Winners addict
Love eating nachos with a nice cold beer
Watching Sex and the City

Summer time (Winter is not my friend and when you live in Canada it can get freezing!) And apparently playing on fire trucks! (When in Toronto, we were walking past a local Fire Station and were told we could snap some photos with the truck - why not right?)

With summer time coming up, I thought I would show you guys ways that you wear the same article of clothing in multiple ways.

I love clothes but I am a budget girl and don't believe in spending $1000's on one piece. I don't think people realize that with some imagination and little time playing dress up in your closet like you did when your little (I still so this!) you can re-create new outfits, outfits you see on Pinerest or other blog websites with all the clothes you already own and save yourself some mula!

And who doesn't want that?

 photo April14Outfits3_zpsf1c484a2.jpg

 photo April14Outfits2_zps15507fcc.jpg

I hope this gives you some new inspiration to go play around in your closet to see what you can come up with! In the mean time be sure to enter my giveaway so you can win some shopping money!

How great are her pinterest outfits?!? I love the creativity! SO today the fabulous Jenelle wants to help you with your shopping addiction and give you guys a chance to win some paypal CASH!

Don't forget the #MINIproject is LIVE Wednesday!!!!!!

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Kelly said...

Dark tanned skin needs to be mind - hurry up summer!

Sparkles and Shoes

LooWho said...

LOVE your obsessions!! I can't wait for summer!!! And I love love love the outfits Jenelle put together- what a cute idea! Love ya!

Unknown said...

I'm also obsessed with ombre and flower crowns! Love your featured blogger



Amy Green @ Sweet Home Amy said...

Love everything ombre...and long dresses!!! So glad summer is here in SoCal :).

Adrienne @ The Art of Being Black and White said...

Rihanna and ombre! Yes!!!
I actually did a similar post today with some things that I am loving...my current obsessions are my new leopard leggings...chevron and sequin backpack from VS..and my new Kardashian coffee table book!!

My-cliffnotes said...

Dateline is a must!!

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

I keep hearing about snap chat but I have yet to get on this train! And there's something about soda in a can that is just so good!

Unknown said...

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