i don't like it



 This week seemed to drag by. 

I absolutely love the quote above...

so have you ever heard the saying 'try everything once'...however, there are things I will NEVER try like eating liver or sky diving, but there are some things I will try but that doesn't necessarily mean I am going to end up liking it. SO here are just a few things I have tried but did not like....one.single.bit.

one. harry potter.....i fell asleep in the movie & the books make me yawn - pass


two. carrots...i have tried SO hard to like them, because I love dipping things in ranch but i just hate them

three. beer...one time playing 'edward 40 hands' and that was it for me & beer


four. country music....besides taylor swift, i can't stand to hear it, ever.

five. sirius radio....my new car came with 3 free months & for being the huge music buff that I am....i'm not impressed at all

how gorg is my new car?! 

six. mixing prints...you have seen me try it here & here and I still am not a fan...this trend needs to fade out...NOW

seven. licorice....i can't stand the smell or the taste


eight. soccer....i apologize to anyone who loves the sport but i rather set myself on fire then watch people play soccer

nine. an office job...i have way too much creativity to be sitting all day in a 9-5 job...it just not gonna happen


ten. water proof mascara....sure its a good idea at first, but have you tried taking it off?! WAY to time consuming for me

What have you tried that you didn't like? 

so moving on from dislikes to someone I do like. Today I have a blogger who me, myself has just gotten to know. I am excited because she is one of my Cara Box partners this month so I will be able to get to know her even more! But what I do know is she a mom, but doesn't look like one because she's gorgeous and she writes a fun lifestyle blog that has something for everyone. When I read her blog I have such a calming feel over me & just leaves me feeling happy. SO without further ado meet 

Hey there! I’m Mandi and I blog over at All My Happy Endings.

// I love bum chins, and dimples… I have neither.

// In my life I have been able to recite a total of 3 movies from start to finish: Goonies and Pretty Woman and A Knight’s Tale.

// I have a strange connection to French cafe music.

I tell stories. 
About me. 
My life. 
About being a mother. 
A wife. 
A friend. 
A Working woman. 
A product consumer. 
A DIYer. 

In no particular order. I write from a personal perspective and hope you will find something inspiring in the words, something that perhaps calls courage out from places within that have been forgotten.

As a writer, I often suffer from “writers block” which can be a major hurdle for a blogger. But I’ve come to realize that my readers don’t expect to be hypnotized by my prose. 

They appreciate the simple moments of my daily life – inspired by my children and my husband…my favorite people in the world. For it is with them, that I’m often reflective, about life, about humanity, about love. 

Children, with their fresh outlook on life, can change the way you view the world.

Initially, my blog was nothing more than a means to stay connected to loved ones across the miles. A method of sharing our goings on, but also a mode of journaling my experiences and thoughts along the way. 

My blog has only become public since November 2012, and it’s morphed into a myriad of topics from lifestyle, parenting, inspiration, to blogging tips, mama fashion, and giveaways. But above all, it’s my story.

The name All My Happy Endings pretty much describes my mission in life – to choose happiness no matter my circumstance. And to share my deliverance from life’s everyday challenges.

Here are a few of my most cherished posts:

Isn't she just so sweet. I love the way she looks at life. SO you can keep up with Mandi on all of her social sites…stop by her blog & say hello, you'll be glad you did!

PS. the MINI project is LIVE on Wednesday.....& it's a fun one

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Life of a Little Songbird said...

Im with you on the water proof mascara! I hate that stuff!

Unknown said...

I hate licorice too! Bleck! But I have taken a liking to waterproof mascara recently now that I have discovered the wonders of Sephora Waterproof Makeup Remover. Seriously makes removing waterproof mascara a breeze! :)
~Elizabeth of GirlGotGlitter.com

Kathrin@shopschoolsleep said...

hahaah you are too funny!! I agree with the Harry Potter books, but loved the movies and I'm liking pattern mixing...if it's not too crazy :)

Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

In my old age beer has grown on me. Never heard of that game before looks awful lol! Excited for another mini project!

Kelly said...

Kel, I agree, that quote is GREAT!

Sparkles and Shoes

Dinah Gacon said...

GIRL...I hate carrots, licorice and COUNTRY MUSIC!!!!

xo Dinah @ Sunshine super glam

Nicole said...

I was laughing out loud at your list! Hysterical! I don't do seafood...I've tried it SO many times, different kinds, different ways...and nothing. I just can't do it!

Raven said...

I LOVE your new car and I also LOVE Sirius!!! Maybe it's cause I can listen to Dr Laura all day :)

also, if my kids want to play soccer, I will love them in their room. NO WAY AM I SITTING there all day watching that boring sport!

Whim Wham Life said...

hahaha, I'm with you on the soccer thing. It's definitely not my favorite sport to play/watch, BUT I'm going to Brazil with my husband for the World Cup, so I'll just have to suffer:-) Seriously though. It's boring!!! xoxo

Natalie said...

I like the quote! I started to laugh! I definitely am going to use that sometime


Megan Wadsworth said...

The Edward 40 Hands picture just gave me flashbacks to college...

Amy Charming said...

I love Mandi! & YOU :) :) xoxo

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the prints and licorice. I hate that stuff. Tried and hate? Muscles and oysters. Just no.

melis said...

omg i LOVE licorice! SOOOO yummy!! xoxo

Vegan Mama Eco Baby said...

Yes, yes, (mostly) yes.
Harry potter? I don't really get it.
Beer- the smell makes me gag.
Mixing prints- just no!
Your car is gorg.
Country music. no thanks.

Janna Renee said...

You are lucky I love you, because the Harry Potter thing is almost a friendship breaker. In my alter universe, I'm totally going to Hogwarts. Love the new car!


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