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well its happened. 

I was contacted by the very popular Firmoo!

..& let me tell you I can see what all the craze is about! 

big lenses - HERE

Obviously once I received them a selfie was in order! 

Firmoo.com is the world’s most popular online eyeglasses store! Not only do they have a huge variety of prescription eyewear, they have affordable prices. Firmoo started their online operation by conducting surveys that analyze the efficiency of the optical industry in the United States. I know from my experiences from going to Lens Crafters, you don’t get the help you need. You get a sales associate looking to sell you the most expensive pair of glasses there. 


With Firmoo, your ideal eye glasses aren’t marked up to hundreds of dollars. Firmoo helps the customer bypass the expenses incurred in the stores. I just recently received my first FREE pair of Firmoo eye wear, and I absolutely love them. 

That’s right, FREE!

Firmoo is so confident in their product, that they offer new customers one free pair of glasses. All free frames come with a 1.50 single vision lens, a complimentary case, cleaning cloth and other accessories! All you need to do is pay shipping.

smaller lenses via HERE

Firmoo glasses are not only comfortable, but they are fashionable and custom tailored to what you need.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I am constantly on the computer and constantly leaning forward to see things better. Going to a retail store for computer lens can cost over $200 dollars. With Firmoo, you get an affordable lens that will help with the tension that comes along after sitting at the computer for so long.

PLUS my favorite thing about the whole site is you can virtually try on the glasses before you even get them! All you do is upload a picture of your face and try on different glasses right from your home! It was so much fun to see all the different pairs I could actually wear! As you can see above I opted for larger lenses and smaller lenses. I LOVE them both. They both fit fantastically on my face and aren't uncomfortable to wear throughout the day. I can already feel a difference at work. Firmoo was an easy & quick site to work with and wouldn't consider purchasing glasses from anywhere else. THANK YOU Firmoo

larger lenses via HERE

Well, what are you waiting for?!? 

Get your first FREE pair of Firmoo glasses by clicking HERE

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Thomas Mundell said...

adorable! I love my Firmoo glasses too!! they have helped me tremednesouly!!!!


Jennifer said...

I really love the larger glasses on you. I need to do my review and I feel like i should have just chose these ones.

Kelly said...

love them Kel, VERY pretty!

Sparkles and Shoes

Nicole said...

Those look great on you! I got a pair of free ones too, and really like them. I loved that they were so lightweight and didn't leave marks on my nose.

Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

Helloooooo gorgeous!! Seriously loving the first pair! I need glasses something fierce! #blindasabat

Dinah Gacon said...

You look beautiful as always friend!!!! Love the glasses on you, very nice!

xo Dinah @ Sunshine super glam

Amy Charming said...

cute! :) love what you chose!

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