we've got more bounce in California

Happy Monday loves! Hope you all had a great weekend! Before I introduce you to a fabulous blogger today I HAVE to show you my Cara Box!

For those of you who aren't familiar with Cara Box, its a monthly exchange that Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals puts on. Its such a cute idea. You get paired up with another blogger, get to know them, stalk  follow their blog & based on the theme you send them a gift! Its such a fun and creative way to meet new people in 'Blogland.' PLUS you don't even have to be a blogger to participate. Non-bloggers can join too!

SO May's theme was Regional. Basically you send your person a box based off where you're from. Of course I was obsessed with this theme, I can't get enough of California! 
So my partners were Kaitlyn of Wifessionals & Samantha of Hooah & Hiccups.  Since Kaitlyn is the creator behiind this adorable exchange I couldn't disappoint  BUT you'll have to check out her box HERE 

SO Samantha was suppose to send me a New York themed box, because thats where she's living at the moment but she had a girl moment & actually sent me a California Themed box! I didn't care though, it was fun to see what she would include in her box compared to mine.

So as you can see she sent me the perfect items to take with me to the beach! We've got your headbands to keep my beach waves in check, a fashion magazine to read while I tan, obviously I'm gonna need some fabulous shades to block the sun, some bright pink nail polish for my toes and to round it out & I think this was my favorite, the pink handmade koozie to keep my drink cold. I LOVE that she took the time to make this koozie & I love the song she quoted on there too. Everything was really perfect. But besides all the fun gifts her card & words to me were so sweet...she has become such a good bloggy friend of mine & I had so much fun getting her box!

what can I say?! I am sunglasses obsessed....you've seen how many pairs I own...

Want to sign up for Junes CARA BOX?! Check it out HERE 

& now I have the pleasure of introducing you to another fabulous blogger! I really do have some wonderful sponsors...but what can I say, Messy Girls Do it Better. Everyone will love this girl & her blog. There is something for everyone. She has such a outgoing, personable personality that you feel like you've known her forever. She's an animal lover & a gemini...so you know she's pretty amazing! Plus if you love beer, you're defiantly going to want to check her out. So without further ado meet 

Hello lovely Messy Girls! 

My name is Megan and I blog over at Growing Up Is Actually Kind of Fun. I'm so happy to finally be sponsoring Kelly this month!
Twitter -- Facebook -- Pinterest
Here are some of the fun things you'll find that I enjoy writing about:

Craft Beer: LOVE it. I think there's a beer for everyone! I did a whole series on it in April that you can find HERE.

Travel: Hiking around Colorado. Driving around the US. Flying around the world.

Army Life: I'm a super proud Army spouse!

Cooking/Crafting: I try, I really do. I share all of my (mis)adventures in adulthood.

My dog: He's the cutest border collie/pit bull mix on the planet. Seriously, just look at this face.

Here are some fun facts that might get you interested in checking out my blog!

Between my husband and myself, we have tried just short of 800 DIFFERENT beers since April 2011 when we started tracking them

We spent last Christmas and New Years in Dubai. I rode a camel. In a real desert. How cool is that?!

I got married to the same cute boy twice. Once in Portland, Oregon in a 5 minute ceremony (followed by milkshakes and an Irish Pub). Again a year and a half later when he came back from Afghanistan in a real wedding ceremony in Texas. I think this means there are no take-backs...

I absolutely LOVE Kelly's fashion fearlessness. I envy it. I tend to stick to classic pieces with trendy accessories, though once in a while I find something I love and branch out. One of my favorite sites for fun, modern-retro clothes is ModCloth. Their dresses are fantastic. And they occasionally do the "Stylish Surprise" where you pay a flat $15, pick your size, and they mail you something awesome worth at least twice as much!

How about I give you a chance to get something nice for yourself? 
Enter below for a $25 giftcard to ModCloth.com


Little Miss MBA said...

Okay, it's official. I'm headed straight to Michaels for a koozie and puff paint cause I need my very own "We've got more bounce in California" koozie! Stinkin' adorable! By the way, Megan sent me! ;)

Courtney @ Little Miss MBA

Little Miss MBA said...

Annnd there are SO many things at Mod Cloth that I want... for starters, the Snooze Anchor Duvet?! Yes, please. Or how about the Positively Posh Dress? Or the Evening Cocktails dress for work?! Love, love, love!

Kelly said...

How fun is that? I just signed up!

Sparkles and Shoes

FaithRJennings said...

Love your style girly and you are making me just DIE to go back back to Cali Cali!

Anonymous said...

I love the sunglasses!!!! (:

Unknown said...

Yayyyy so glad you liked it, despite my blonde moment!! Haha xoxo

Katy Ford said...

Seriously, what would I NOT buy from Modcloth?! I have been a huge fan of theirs for a while now. I am in love with their vintage/chic clothes and accessories! :)

Stesha said...

you are just too cute! and i loooove that song!


Kara@ Kieran Honeybee said...

I would love to get a pair of Saltwater sandals!!

Meghan said...

I love the best of fronds bracelet!

My-cliffnotes said...

Love the shades!!

Rosemariee said...

I love the Coach Tour Dress in Raspberry!

Cathy said...

Count me in on the giveaway! Would love a cute summer dress like that Coral-ly Yours dress :)


@verbalgoldblog said...

love love love that first quote!!! totally agree!!!

Kristine@thefoleyfam said...

Love this idea and wanted to put one together! Will have to participate for sure!

Rose-Marie said...

saffron ball flat in red!!

Karrie said...

I would definitely buy a dress! Thanks for the chance to win!

Life of a Little Songbird said...

I love the Loop Me In Flats!! They are adorable!

Unknown said...

thanks for the giveaway! I would buy the Or So You Spot Skirt :)

Unknown said...

I think I would get the The Grand Tour Guide Top in Teal

Kathrin@shopschoolsleep said...

The sunglasses are great!! I think I might do a Cara box next time :)

Jenna d said...

I think I would get the Cat Eye Cutie Sunglasses

TheTinyHeart said...

I'd get the Row Row Romantic Top.

The Tiny Heart
PayPal Giveaway!

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