Post-Break Up Do's and Don'ts

It doesn't matter whether you were in a relationship for weeks or years, a breakup is never easy to handle. There is pain and shock and it can feel like a grieving process; one that you need to give yourself time to feel. You will feel horrible for some time, but there will be times where you feel up again before crashing down. Logic has no place in a post-breakup scenario, and all of the old memories will keep surfacing up and down while you try and get your head around it! 

There are some stages you’ll go through, from wanting to impulsively go on vacation, to wanting to impulsively burn all of their belongings! There are a few do’s and don'ts that you can follow to ensure that you get through this breakup in one piece, and here they are:


Distract Yourself

Reading, playing a sport, drawing; whatever it is that gets your juices flowing, bury your head in it. Reading can help you to escape into the world of someone else’s imagination, and it allows you to get over your broken heart. Invest in a book that will let you laugh, cry and feel every emotion: those are the ones that get you through.

Change Your Look

This is probably the one I did the most after every break. For some reason getting a new look always seems to help during this break up phase. Plus, it is no surprise most woman go through a “red hair” phase, and while you might find yourself drunkenly making a list of all the plastic surgery you think you need, it might be worth sticking the the box of red hair dye. You don’t have to change the way you look for your ex, but it would be a good idea to pamper yourself a little - to make yourself feel good.

Remove Yourself From Drama

Delete his Snapchat/Instagram/Facebook/Twitter - whatever social media he has, get rid. Block on WhatsApp and don't get sucked into the drama of the post-breakup spitefulness. You are better than that kind of behavior, and you know it! Digital detachment is easy when you’ve chosen not to stay friends!


Share Passive Aggressive Memes

Believe us when we say a scathing meme, when well-directed, is picked up by the other party very quickly. Don't bring your breakup to the Facebook pile of memes, as it will get back to your ex. You want to stay above that behavior and just focus on you. The world does not need to be involved!

Insult Them Anywhere Online/Publicly

It doesn't matter how the relationship ended, forgive them. Not for what they made you feel, but for yourself. You don't forgive someone else to make them feel good, but so you can package it away and move forward with your own life. Don't allow for arguments, just move slowly on in your own way.

Burn Their Stuff Unsafely

Here’s the bit where we tell you to safely burn the memories. Here are some instructions for a safe bonfire for the photos and the letters you may have written to each other. You don't need souvenirs of your sadness.

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