4 Reasons Why it's Great to Be Single


The idea of not being in a relationship is something that fills some people with dread and I totally get that. I have been there. I have been there so many times. However, if you embrace your status as a singleton, it can be genuinely empowering. The realization that you are completely fine; on your own, and don't need to be with someone to be complete feels fantastic. 

Here are just some of the benefits that come from living the single life:

Your Life Goes to Your Agenda on Your Terms

Being in a relationship can make you truly happy, but it can also mean that you set your dreams aside for the sake of the relationship. You may have dreamed of pursuing a specific career since you were a child, but a serious relationship can make you reorganize your priorities and put your dreams to one side. Being single means that you can make plans that align fully to your goals. You can pursue ambitions that you hold wholeheartedly and without distraction.

No Need to Compromise

Relationships are full of compromise. Compromise can become such a habit that you are no longer aware that you are doing it. From what color to paint the bedroom walls, to what to eat, compromises need to be made each day when you are part of a couple. Yet, when you are single, the number of compromises that you need to make; are far fewer. From everyday choices, to more significant life decisions, they can all be made without compromise.

Complete Freedom

No romantic commitments mean that you can do what you want when you want to do it. You can go out and have fun without needing to tell anyone where you are, and you can see who ever you want to. If you don't feel like it, you don't even need to venture outside to have fun. You could use a FREE Phone Chat instead. Of course, the freedom that a single life brings isn't just about dating and meeting people. It also opens up a whole world of possibilities for you. For example, if you were offered a big work promotion that requires regular overseas travel, you could go for it. There would be no need to talk things over with your partner about how you would make it work. Instead, you can go with your gut instinct and see where the adventure takes you.


Empowering Experiences

Being single means that you have a greater need for self-reliance. It could mean you can't off load tasks to a partner; if something needs to be done, you have to do it yourself. While this may sound a bit scary, it is incredibly empowering. You begin to gain a vast amount of experience in different situations and build your resilience and independence in the process. You will develop the peace of mind of knowing that whatever you need to deal with, you are perfectly capable of handling it all by yourself and that’s pretty cool.

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