7 Wardrobe Fashion Staples To Have This Fall


 Fall is such a wonderful season. I love the magical transitional period from summer into winter. With the season changing to cooler weather and wetter days; it is the perfect excuse to bring back your layers in preparation for the colder months ahead. Plus add a few new staple pieces as well to boost your wardrobe for the fall season. However, from a fashion perspective, fall can be a challenging time to dress for; so here are 7 fashion staples to have in your wardrobe to keep you prepared for any occasion. 

1.) A Basic White T-Shirt
I cannot express this enough; a basic t-shirt is a staple that everyone should have in their wardrobe and it will span across all of the seasons. A white t-shirt is the perfect base layer no matter the weather and looks just as good under layers as it does out in the open. Pair a basic white T with dark jeans, boots and a jacket for an effortless fall look or layer it up with a scarf and statement jewelry and sweater for something more sophisticated.

2.) A Leather Jacket
I am obsessed with my leather jacket. It literally goes with everything. You can dress it up or down, and pretty much goes with anything. A good quality leather jacket is a must have for the fall season, offering enough protection and warmth from the fickle weather but also being lightweight and easy to wear if the sun does pop out. For maximum versatility, stick to a basic black or brown jacket with simple detailing.

3.) Cozy Boots
Personally I am a boot girl all year long. I love boots. I love wearing them in the summer with shorts and jeans. But boots really come into their own in the fall season and it’s the perfect time to crack out those you’ve had stashed away over the summer months. A good pair of ankle boots are perfect for everyday wear and a statement over the knee boot adds a touch of glamour to any night out.

4.) A Leather Bag
Leather and faux leather are such great materials for the fall season, offering a bit more protection from unexpected rain whilst also pairing perfectly with the autumn golden color scheme. Finding the perfect everyday leather bag is a must for the fall season; try to find some that are both stylish and functional such as the Dutch leather bags which are known for their practicality without sacrificing their aesthetic. 

5.) A Statement Scarf
As the air begins to hold more of chill a statement scarf is the perfect autumn accessory to add a bit of warmth to an outfit. Go for a pattern or color to add a little something to a simple outfit or opt for a chunky knit to add a little texture. Adding a scarf is the perfect item to jazz up any outfit.

6.) Metallic Jewelry
A lot of autumn fashion is very soft, so why not add a little intrigue by wearing a glimmer of gold or silver? Bracelets, necklaces and earrings can take an everyday outfit from day to night whilst also providing a little sparkle to a dreary day.

7.) The Perfect Pair of Jeans 
No fall wardrobe would be complete without the perfect pair of jeans. I love jeans. All color jeans - blue, black, grey. I cannot get enough. Finding the perfect pair of jeans will depend a little on your own style but whether it is a simple pair of skinny jeans, mauve mom jeans or fabulous flairs your jeans will be the core of many an autumn outfit, so find a style that suits you and invest in a good quality pair to last you through the season.

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