Butting Heads And Healing Hearts: Learning To Compromise With Your Partner


Sometimes we can be stubborn or headstrong and this isn't always to the benefit of our relationship. Sometimes life doesn't go as you planned and if you are someone who's in a relationship and hasn't learned the art of compromise now can be the perfect opportunity. There are so many times in our lives that we can feel that it's our way or the highway. But what can we do to exercise compromise, not just for the benefit of the other person, not just for us, but for the relationship?

The Importance Of Collaboration
Sometimes couples can be competitive but we have got to remember that compromise can be about meeting each other halfway. Collaboration is crucial but you also need to make sure that you express your emotions about a specific situation. One great example where compromise comes into its own is wedding planning. Sometimes couples can be complacent but when wedding planning comes into focus, all of a sudden both sides have very definite ideas about what they want. And this means that whether you are adamant it should be DIY wedding invites rather than posh paper or a certain type of cake, sometimes collaboration and meeting each other halfway gives you both the opportunity to evaluate the solution. Working together can help you both to find a better outcome.

Learning To Let Things Go
One of the big problems many couples have is that one person may think they need to be right all of the time. This means that we can hold tightly onto the things that our partner may have done wrong in the past. The big problem in relationships is that we can hold a grudge. But if we ever get into a disagreement with them we shouldn't ever drudge up the past. Forgive and forget. And it can be very difficult for us to learn how to let things go but if we are making sure that we trying to consolidate this in our minds, this is the first step. If we feel that we need to be right about everything all the time this spills over into so many different areas of our life where we may end up undermining the other person, especially in public.

Showing Appreciation
We've got to learn how to show appreciation for other people involved. When it comes to compromise we have to remember that we don't necessarily need to fight until the bitter end. A resolution doesn't mean someone wins and the other person loses. When we start to show appreciation for the solution rather than ourselves this will make for a far better interaction. Sometimes if we don't show appreciation for the other person this could be why they get their back up.

You Don't Need To Be Right
If we feel that we need to be right all of the time this is going to spill over into other areas of our lives. When we are in a fight we feel that we need to be right but this means that we don't listen to the other side of the conversation. You don't need to be right but also you need to learn how to listen to the other person. When it comes to compromise are you one of those people that talks over the other person rather than actually listening to what they have to say? This means we've got to learn to look in the mirror and take a beat rather than jumping in with our opinions, regardless of whether they are right or not.

Learn How To Change
When we start to make considerations for the other person or we rethink our expectations this is when we can start to change. You may think that you're willing to compromise but the whole point of compromising is actually going through with that compromise. Following through and making that resolution is a sign to the other person that you are willing to compromise and not just make a false promise. Many people make false promises because they are losing a fight or they don't like confrontation. But compromise is about doing what you say for the benefit of the other person.

Learning to compromise with another person, especially when it's your partner can mean that you've got to turn the mirror on to yourself. You may think you're someone that is bolshy, headstrong, and argumentative, and consider them to be positive traits. But the big problem when we are like this is that we can ignore other people's needs. Being headstrong is a fantastic human trait but so is learning to listen to others. And it's none more important than in the relationship that you have with your significant other.

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