4 Irritating Skin Issues And The Solutions You Need

Do you ever feel embarrassed about your skin? I know I have certainly gone through that feeling multiple times throughout my life. It's okay though because most people have at least one skin issue that drives them crazy. Here are some of the problems that you could be facing and the right ways to handle them.

Loose Skin 

Loose skin is a common problem for anyone that has gone through any severe type of weight loss. This could be after a medical procedure and it’s something that cosmetic surgeons often won’t mention or draw attention too. If for instance, you have liposuction the fat does disappear but the skin remains. This requires additional surgery to remove. Many people can’t afford both and will typically settle for one leaving the excess skin. This can be noticeable or it might be a small issue where your skin has lower than normal elasticity. It’s possible for herbal creams to reduce excess skin however typically surgery will be the best answer. Mesotherapy treatment is one of the most popular choices for this issue. 

Stretch Marks 

Many people incorrectly assume that stretch marks are related to being overweight. This is a complete fallacy and stretch marks can be caused by any sudden major change to your body. So, you could lose weight, gain weight, go through a growth spurt, put on muscle, or tone your body. All of these changes could cause stretch marks, particularly if the change occurs rapidly. This is why you should be careful about losing weight too quickly. Stretch marks can be white and barely noticeable but some people have large red, stretch marks that are aesthetically more akin to welts. This can be highly embarrassing, particularly during bathing suit season. There are easy ways to get rid of stretch marks. Daniel Craig has commented in an interview that he uses lemon juice on his own stretch marks and it works a charm. That’s right ladies, men get them too. 


Acne is often seen as a problem that you will have to deal with during puberty but that will get better as you age. However, some people do suffer from adult acne that stays with them throughout their life and it can be quite severe. Some people have spots that regularly get infected which can cause entire parts of the body to be red, bloody, and scarred. If you suffer from severe acne, it’s worth speaking to a dermatologist. There are treatments available. Alternatively, if you only have moderate levels of acne, then changing your diet can do the trick. 


Finally, you could have cellulite on your legs or your buttocks. While there is no quick fix to deal with this, you might want to consider drinking more water. You can also try massage treatments. Some professionals suggest that massaging the area can greatly reduce cellulite and ensure that it is not as noticeable. Cellulite is quite a common condition and a lot of celebrities have this issue. It’s of course edited out in music videos and films. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the skin issues that might be bothering you and the best ways to tackle them.

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