Natural Vs. Commercial Skincare


Natural or commercial? This may be something you’ve not really considered before, as you simply grab the first bar of soap you see when doing your weekly shop at the supermarket. Or, you may have considered natural soap before, but when you realized that it was more expensive you decided to go for commercial soap instead. 

It is understandable that you may be a bit skeptical about spending more on natural soap if you are not fully aware of the benefits that are associated with going down this route. However, it will certainly be money well spent. Mass-produced soap bars contain the likes of synthetic fragrances, sodium tallowate, salts, artificial colors, butylated hydroxyl toluene (BHT), and other preservatives. Does this really sound like the sort of ingredients you want to be bathing in? 

They are cheap for a reason; they are hard and stripped of all their benefits. In fact, they have a very high level of alkalinity. If you use this form of soap, you will actually dry out your skin, as opposed to providing it with the nutrients and vitamins it needs. This can be very damaging to your skin, no matter whether you shave or you opted for laser hair removal to remove body hair forever. Instead, natural soap is made from ingredients such as botanicals, herbs, and essential oils. These luxurious ingredients do not contain any chemicals that are going to irritate the skin or cause damage. They are made with love and care, and they have a much higher glycerin content, which is vital for health and hydration. They will leave your skin smelling and looking gorgeous. 

Why Is Natural Soap Expensive?

Natural soap bars are priced at a more expensive rate than commercial and mass-produced bars of soap are. But, why is this the case? This is something that is certainly worth exploring further, as people want to know if their money is going to be well spent or whether they should simply go for the cheapest bar of soap they can find instead. 

The reason natural soap costs more money is quite simple; it is made using premium quality ingredients - ingredients that are costly to acquire. From shea butter to Jojoba oil, these luxurious ingredients are kind to the skin, providing you with all of the nutrients and vitamins you need as well as other benefits. The same cannot be said for commercially made bars of soap. 

In fact, manufacturers will often extract the beneficial ingredients, such as glycerin, to place it in other products, such as skin lotions and creams, as these items are able to make them a greater return. Thus, when you use mass-produced bars of soap, you are not giving your skin the nourishment it needs. There is also a lot more effort and time that goes into creating a natural bar of soap, especially if you choose handmade soap. Moreover, you know that there has been complete control over the ingredients that have been incorporated in the soap, and so there is a much higher level of quality control. As is the case with a lot of products, you pay for what you get. Do you really want to take a risk on a cheap and poor quality item considering you’re going to be putting it on your skin?

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