How To Achieve Clearer Skin


We all want clear skin, yet this is a luxury reserved for the very lucky amongst us! It’s rare to have naturally clear skin as there are so many things that can happen over time. If you do, then you should consider yourself truly blessed. For the rest of us, clear skin is more of a challenge. Still, it’s a challenge you can stand up to! With that in mind, here are some tips to help you achieve clearer skin:

Wash your face every morning and night
Ensure you clean your face daily, making sure that you do this in the morning and evening. Why? Well, it cleanses your face of any extra oils or dirt or sweat. This stops spots from forming on your face, which can be a real cause of self-confidence issues. Many people struggle when they have spots and have a big date coming up. If you can’t get rid of them, your next option is to cover them up. This leads to piling on lots of makeup, which makes you feel self-conscious as well as adding to your skin problems and making the spots duplicate! Prevent them from forming by keeping your face clean!

Remove any stubborn blemishes
Unfortunately, you can have blemishes or things on your face that won’t go away with traditional treatments. This includes skin tags or acne scars and really stubborn spots. No matter what you do, they can only be removed by specific means. Some people resort to surgery, but there are things like the Spot Eraser Pro that let you take care of them at home. Effectively, you use a tool to remove the blemishes and let your skin heal. Given time, it should now appear nice and clear!

Use a vitamin B3 serum
Vitamin B3 - also known as 'niacinamide' - is excellent at keeping your skin clear. Thus, you should use a serum that includes this as one of the main ingredients. There’s a brand called The Ordinary that does a very popular product just like that. You can apply the serum to your face after washing and before putting moisturizer on. With regular use, it will significantly reduce the appearance of blemishes and redness on your skin. You’ll be amazed at how quickly vitamin B3 gets to work! Plus, these serums tend to leave skin feeling nice and smooth as well. 

Use a daily moisturizer
Finally, you need to use a moisturizer on your skin every day. Dry skin will try and moisturize itself by secreting natural oils. The problem with this is that the oils will make your skin overly greasy, which can lead to breakouts. The only way to counter this is to keep your skin naturally moisturized. So, use a moisturizer every day to do just that! It’ll prevent breakouts from overly oily skin, and it also stops any dry patches. 

There you go, that’s not too hard, right? Just remember to wash your face every day - using a cleanser on most days, but you could switch to an exfoliator now and then. Follow this with some vitamin B3 serum and a daily moisturizer, along with blemish removal for the stubborn things. 

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