Staying Stylish, Even When The Weather Isn't Your Friend

When you think of stepping out in your favorite outfits, it’s unlikely that rain and fierce winds were part of the look. But sadly, weather comes in all forms and doesn’t care about your clothes, making it all the more important that you’re prepared for whatever the elements have to throw at you. 

But is it actually possible to stay stylish when the weather is less than perfect? Of course it is! You just need to think smarter about your style.

Here are some great tips for maintaining your look, even when it’s awful outside.


Choose your outerwear wisely

Choosing the right outerwear can not only keep your outfit dry, but make sure you stay on-trend when you’re on the move too. A raincoat is a must-have buy for this time of year, as they’re lightweight enough to stop you overheating, but designed to keep you dry. Plus, they’re a timeless item that you can wear year after year. Learn how to style a raincoat to give you plenty of inspiration for fall looks.

Hats are the perfect wet-weather accessory

Blustery fall weather is no friend to your hair! But luckily, you have plenty of options for keeping your hairstyle intact. Beanies are ideal for colder weather to protect your hair and ears, but if it’s raining, you’ll need to think more tactically about your accessories. A baseball cap is perfect for a more casual look, or you can tuck your hair into a loose bun under a baker boy cap to protect it until you get indoors.

Want to make a big style statement this season? Then a large floppy hat or fedora is the ideal fall accessory.

Make sure your footwear is waterproof

Is there anything worse than wet feet? It’s the sure-fire way of making sure you have a miserable day! Making sure your shoes are waterproof is important to keep your feet dry. You’ll also want to avoid perishable fabrics like suede. Some waterproof sneakers will be perfect for helping you stay dry, and look great for an off-duty look, or when you need to bring some comfort to your workwear style. Keep them close to make sure your feet are kept dry and warm whatever the weather.

Keep a touch-up kit to hand

Rain and wind can cause all kinds of issues to your hair and makeup. Having a touch-up kit in your purse will help you correct any smudged mascara and lipstick and help you feel fresh again. Some hair grips and a dash of hairspray can fix most weather-related hair disasters, helping you create a simple up-do in minutes.

When the weather outside is dreadful, you need to plan your outfit extra carefully to make sure you can survive the elements. It will help knowing you’ve got some warm clothing waiting for you to change into when you get home. A ‘stay home’ fall wardrobe is the cozy antidote to wet seasonal weather, so invest in some chic and comfy knits to keep you nice and toasty at home.

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