7 Simple Beauty Tricks You Wish You Knew Earlier - Hair, Makeup, Nails, And More

The makeup and beauty industry is a multi-billion one with so many trends and products that are quite challenging to keep up with. But, with so many options available, you still have the chance to learn something new every day- newbie or pro. Unfortunately, not everything you know would help achieve your beauty goals - meaning the search must go on. Luckily, there are tried and tested beauty tricks that work; some you may know about, many you would be surprised to learn.  Does your morning routine involve spending hours sitting in front of your mirror, trying to keep up with beauty trends? Have you spent so much money on different beauty products that don’t seem to work? Here are some beauty tricks you wish you knew earlier.

1.) Do not rub perfumes on your wrist


Before you think about looking good, you need to smell good. You may have noticed that the smell of your perfume tends to vanish after a short while. Maybe you have been applying it the wrong way all this while - that is if you rub it on your wrist. Heat maximizes the effect of perfumes by activating it. This means that our body areas like the back of our knees, wrists, neck, and other pulse points are the best places to apply your perfume. However, it is better to dab your perfume onto your body instead of rubbing. By rubbing it, you mix the perfume with your body’s natural oils, which eventually reduces the perfume’s smell.

2.) Use different face masks to increase results

From smelling good to looking good, let us talk about the face. When it comes to making the skin look beautiful, there are different solutions for different skin types. The trick here is to customize your treatment to suit your skin’s needs to get the right results. When applying your face mask for example, you can use the multi-masking trick instead of a single mask. For multi-masking, you use different facial masks or have them in different layers to take care of various facial skin problems. You can place hydrating masks over parts of your face that are dry while using a charcoal one for the oily parts. Depending on the skin issues you have, you can get led light therapy, which works on different skin issues and rejuvenates the skin.

3.) Use the right eyelash curling techniques

Still on the face, let us shift our attention to the eyelashes. Many women apply the wrong techniques when curling their eyelashes- clumping down and counting to three to finish. There are two problems with this technique; first, the curl might not last, and second, the method creates an unnatural crease in your eyelashes. For the best effect, begin curling at the eyelash base and pump the curler three times. Once done, work on the middle section of the lash and repeat the same technique. Finally, move to the tip of the lash and apply the same number of pumps to create a beautiful sweep without crease and to ensure it lasts long - this is called the pump technique. 

4.) Braid your wet hair and blow-dry it to create wavy hair

If you are a lover of a wavy hair look, this simple trick will come in handy. If you have straight hair, you will want to manipulate the hair while it is still drying in a way that will cause it to alter the pattern. You should take note that this trick will not necessarily work on already wavy natural hair. So, how does it work? While your hair is still wet, make braids according to how long and full you want your waves to be. After braiding your hair, blow dry it and take the braids out. It is that simple!


5.) A touch of Vaseline for a smudge-free manicure

Up next are the nails. If you have been struggling for so long to have a smudge-free nail finish, then here is a secret you need to hear - apply a touch of Vaseline. When doing your manicure at home, it can be a little challenging to keep your nail polish away from the skin surrounding the nails. To achieve a smudge-free, pro-like effect, apply Vaseline around the cuticle, focusing on the space where the nails end and where the skin begins. Once done, wait for a while to give the manicure enough time to dry, then wash your hands. The washing process will ensure that any polish that went outside the nail boundaries will be removed.

6.) Dry shampoo trick

You may not always have enough time to give your hair a good wash. In such cases, the dry shampoo technique is a complete lifesaver (and time-saver), as it allows you to get your hair in the right condition in record time. Despite the benefits of dry shampoo to most women, not using it correctly means you will not get the desired results. Dry shampoo gives a similar effect as traditional shampooing, as it leaves the hair fresh by absorbing excess oil in it. However, if you do not give it enough time to dry, you may still end up with a bad hair day. When applying it, with the help of your fingers, ensure that it reaches the root of your hair, then give it about five to ten minutes to absorb the excess oil. 

7.) Use Scotch tape when applying eyeshadows and eyeliners


You do not need to be a skilled makeup artist to create a flawless eyeshadow and eyeliner effect, especially if you have Scotch tape at home. All you need to do is use a piece of tape as a form of a ruler to help you create a sharp edge when applying your eyeshadow. This method reduces the amount of time spent working on your eyeliners. Only ensure that you place some tape on your hands first to avoid irritation and some stickiness, and to easily remove the Scotch tape when you finish.

Now that you have got some tricks that are guaranteed to work, get started- try them out! You would be glad you did. 

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